Carpool Book Club

Hey, y’all!  Happy Wednesday!  Today, it’s time for my very favorite post….It’s time for Carpool Book Club!

Each month, I share about the books that I’ve read.   These are the books that sit on my nightstand and that I read as a busy mama of 3 kids who are always on the go.  Before I started reading, I had a lot of empty space during the in between time.  You know, the time when I am waiting for an appointment or sitting with the kids outside….picking up a good book is my favorite way to pass that extra time now .  🙂  I have a great list this month, so sit back and enjoy. You are going to love it all!

Standing Strong


A while back, I read Teresa’s first book, Turning the Tables, about her time in prison, and I reallllly enjoyed it!   This new book was more about her time after she was released and when Joe went to serve his sentence.  I didn’t find it quite as compelling but I still loved hearing about her experiences and such!   Also, she is super honest with her feelings about Joe and her frustrations with his actions, and I know it sounds crazy, but I like Teresa much more after reading her books…I can relate with her a little more after hearing her heart on everything.  I totally recommend this one!

Girl, Wash Your Face


A girlfriend of mine recommended this book over on Instagram, so I added this one to my list to read this month as well.  And, let me share….If I could, I would buy a copy for every woman in America to read, because, oh my stars, Rachel is SPOT ON pretty much throughout this entire book.  I thought I was picking up a Christian life book, but this one is more like a book about Girl talk.  It’s insightful and speaks on so many women’s topics from friendships, to marriage, to your goals, adoption, childhood trauma….I AM TELLING YOU THAT YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK NOW ;). Her advice is centered, logical, practical, and so so good.  I think you will love it!

Anxious for Nothing


I have had this book on my nightstand for a few months now, and I finally picked it up to read. I LOVE Max Lucado’s writing, and he has done another great job of directing hurting hearts to Jesus.  I think this book would be a soothing balm if you battle anxiety on a constant basis.  For those of you that do, I want you to know that my heart is so tender for you.  Go ahead and pick up this book and be blessed by it–I think you will really find some comfort here.

The Secret Life of Violet Grant


So, my friend Shay recommended this book and the next one, and I am so glad that she did!   This book kept me on my toes the entire time, and I just didn’t want to put it down.  It’s historical fiction, but it is super engaging and a great read.  It’s a romance, primarily, and let’s just say it gets very romantic in certain parts. Catch my drift? It wasn’t distracting for me (and, I’m pretty sensitive to that sort of thing), but it’s worth noting just in case. Friends, this was an awesome read!!  One of my favorites ever!

Small Admissions


And, I finished up my reading this month with this light and fun novel!  if you need something easy and enjoyable to read, this is your book! The characters were super likable and the plot line was cute and kept me guessing just a bit!  Perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer months!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!  I will be sharing a FUN fashion post tomorrow, so I will see you back here for that then! XOXO Narci


Tuesday Talk: Destin and 30a

Hey, y’all! Today, I am linking up with the sweetest girls, Ashley and Erika, for their fun link-up “Tuesday Talk!”

Each month, we link up and discuss a different topic, and I love getting help and ideas from you all!

This month, I am talking about Florida….specifically the Emerald Coast…the Destin area, and the very beloved stretch of  scenic highway and beaches: 30A!   Each year, we travel over to the Destin area, and I’ve talked about our trips a few times!   If you are heading to that neck of the woods, I am so excited for you….I gave some tips on vacationing in Destin several years back here and recapped our most recent trip to Sandestin here, here, and here!

This year, we are making our way down to the 30A area…an area known for its slower pace and cute beach towns.  So, we are needing all your tips for your favorite town to stay in and visit along the 30A cost, where to eat, what beaches you love, family activities, what shops to visit and more.  I want to hear it all!

I can’t wait to read about all your suggestions…We are going over Memorial Day week, and we are so looking forward to it.  P.S. If you are looking for beach portraits that week, I’ll be there May 24-May 28th!  I would love to see you and your cute family there!  You can always email me at for photography related inquiries!

Thanks so much for the fun link up, girls! Happy Tuesday! XOXO Narci

What we’ve been up to :)

Hey, Hey, y’all!!  We had an amazing Spring Break over here!   Last year, we went on a Disney Cruise (best vacation ever), but this year we decided to slay Spring Break right here at home….We did all the things we normally don’t have time for…like making big huge breakfasts, making all our favorite suppers, having ALL THE FRIENDS over for playdates and sleepovers and such…we walked to have ice cream, played truth or dare until our sides hurt from laughing (spoiler alert: the Dreffs love a good dare) and had the best time!

These two were all ready for Spring Break Friday morning!!


We grilled steaks and pretty much every other piece of meat we could find at our local grocery store this week.  🙂img_6204-1

I usually don’t crave sweets, but this Spring Break…I swear we had dessert after every meal.  haha!   It’s going to be a hard transition back into healthy eating.  🙂


We had all of the fun playdates and sleepovers…


And so many cozy morningsimg_6109-1

with big breakfastsimg_6273-1img_6276-1

We spent tons of time outside


(P.S. you can find my pink top here!)

and spruced up our front porch just a bit.  Spring is coming over in our neck of the woods!img_6322-1

I spent a few mornings over at the Arboretum doing sessions!  img_6176-1

The flowers were absolutely gorgeous!! img_6348

This tulip season is one of the prettiest that I’ve seen!   I actually think the tulips have another week left, so if you are looking to make the trip…go for it!  img_6347

Also,  on the work front…editing sweet sessions. 🙂img_6274-1

On Friday, Rob took the afternoon off, so we had lunch with our crew followed by a little trip down memory lane.  Rob proposed to me on this bridge 17 years ago!  Engagement photography wasn’t a thing back then, so we totally recreated the moment for the kids!img_6386

True story: after he proposed all those years ago, we celebrated at Cici’s Pizza because 1. We were poor. 2. Dessert Pizza. We’ve always been high maintenance like that. 😉 #andtherestishistory

We also swung by the new Star Center in Frisco to check it out!  It was very cool, and the kids loved the turf field!


Basically, we spent the entire week just enjoying each other’s company….and it was so nice!



We finished our week with a trip to the Drive-In movie to see “I can only imagine.”img_6416

I can’t say enough good things about this movie.  You will love it!  We went to the Coyote Drive in Lewisville.  This drive-in theater was nice, but I think we like their Fort Worth location’s amenities and view better.img_6417

It still was a blast!  I totally recommend seeing the movie at a Drive-In!  It was so special and the weather was pretty much perfect.  We opened up the back tailgate for the younger two…they had blankets, pillows, and such…and, Rob, Jackson and I sat in camping chairs with blankets!

There’s a fun playground for the kids…


and a restaurant/bar area….img_6421-1

The perfect ending to an awesome week!   We are feeling refreshed and ready for the next few months!  Next stop: Summer Break! Happy Monday, friends!  XOXO Narci

Friday Favorites–Giveaway!!

Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Erika and Andrea!  We have had the best Spring Break!  I mean, so fun!


This week has been all about playdates and family time and just enjoying all the extra space we have in our days!   We’ve grilled and enjoyed the pretty weather and shared lots of quality time.  Spring Break win!

As you may have seen, I have a little giveaway for you today….but I wanted to share a few things that I have shown on my stories since I saw you last!  I was over at J. Crew Factory, and oh my stars…the dresses were on point!  I loved these two especially. 🙂

IMG_6200 2

Blue pinstripe dressBlack and White Stripe dress

Both of these came home with me. 🙂

I also picked up this cozy tee, because #texasforever .  Am I right?


Friday Night Lights tee!

And, now for our GIVEAWAY!!!  Just leave a comment here or in the corresponding Instagram post this morning to receive this NEW Stella and Dot Bag for you and a friend!  Hey, y’all…the beach is calling your name with this fun tote!


And, just a fun little bonus….each person who books an online trunk show will automatically receive a pair of these earrings for FREE!  18b5aab27914620f39f1ac822e300ed41f216eae

You can just email me if you are interested in that (!

Happy Friday, friends!   Don’t forget to comment for your chance to win that gorgeous bag for you and a friend!   See you back here on Monday for our regularly scheduled programming! XOXO Narci

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Erika and Andrea!  It’s also the beginning of Spring Break for my kiddos after school today!   Woohoo!

So, next week, I will be taking the week off from blogging and work to hang with them.  These days are short, and I don’t want to be tied to my computer while we have some extra time here.  :).

So, I’ll see you back here in one week for our Friday Favorites again….. Spoiler Alert: it’s a giveaway, and it’s SO good!  In the meantime, here’s a little list of my favorites from this week.  Let’s get started!



My favorite is definitely lunchtime shenanigans with this precious girl….


And, homemade Limeade on a Tuesday afternoon because WHY NOT? 🙂



On Wednesday, I shared a normal day in the life!  Check it out!  I don’t know you, but these kinds of posts are always my favorites!


Also, my favorite?  Free Jewelry!  I am now offering online Stella and Dot parties for you and your girlfriends!   You can earn all these cute Spring styles for free!


Email me at for more info! :).  It’s easy peasy, and I do all the hard work for you!


I am teaching a little photography class for a group of girls at our church, and I made this fun little coloring page for them to color at the end!


I’m including the free printable here just in case you have a photography loving girl!   Free stuff is definitely my favorite, and I hope you enjoy!

Happy Friday, friends!  Don’t forget to link up with your favorites below! XOXO Narci

Five Things

Hey, y’all!! Today, we are sharing FIVE things…it’s just a random mash-up of fun things that we like to do every once it a while over here!   Let’s get started!

  1.  For the past week, I’ve stuck to only having one cup of coffee each morning!  (normally, I am a two cup girl!)  So far, it’s going well!   My body feels SO MUCH better after cutting out all that extra caffeine, but my mind is still adjusting to the loss, if you know what I mean.  haha! 😉  I will keep you posted on how this goes!
  2. Well, we have a date for the Royal wedding, and who else is so incredibly excited for this day to come???


I am anxious to see the wedding dress, what Kate is wearing, and watch all the festivities!  I wonder if it will be super traditional like William and Kate’s or more laid back?  So many questions to be answered. 🙂

3.  Have you watched the Bachelor this week?  I really don’t even have the words for this!  What a mess!   Arie managed to make himself the most hated guy in the country, and he had me shaking my head the WHOLE ENTIRE EPISODE.  I think every girl in America was screaming at the their TVs for him to leave…and every guy wanted to punch him in the nose.  #notcoolArie #notcoolatall !  Also, I hate that Lauren didn’t watch all that go down when it aired, because girlfriend needs to see that!

4.  Oh, hello, Stella and Dot Earrings!   The new line just came out today, and oh, it’s darling!   img_5968

I have been waiting for all the colorful earrings to make their debut….they are always my favorites!

You can shop them all here! 🙂

5.  And, finally, this little sample set hopped into my Sephora bag this week, and I am so pumped to try all the products out!   These products are speaking my language for sure!


Do any of you use this brand?  Do you love it? I heard from a few people on IG who said they love the microdermabrasion cream, so I am curious to try it out!

Happy Thursday, friends!! We will see you tomorrow for Friday Favorites! XOXO N

A Day in the Life

Hey, Hey, friends!!  Someone flipped a switch, and our schedule went from quiet to SPRING mayhem.   I don’t even know how that happens in one day, but it’s safe to say that Spring busy-ness has begun!

Good News: today is a Day in the Life, and I can’t wait to share a normal every day Tuesday with y’all!   Here we go!

I knew I would be going all day, so I set my alarm for a little later on this particular day.  I really needed the extra minutes to sleep and rest up for the day!  It felt great!


First, I read my Bible plan for the dayimg_6022

And, then I returned emails, picked up around the house, and got the kids out the door.  I pretty much failed at getting pics during the morning rush!  I did better as they day went on!

I was up and out the door nice and early for my morning newborn session!


I always make sure that I wear a ponytail and a simple top for newborn sessions.  Gotta make it easy to snuggle with those sweet babies!img_5996

When I do a lifestyle shoot, I load up my props and bring them to my client’s homes. That means lots of boxes, baskets, and fluffy blankets in the back of my car!img_5979

We had so much fun photographing this sweet family!

This took me straight through to noon, so I stopped by the house to drop off my props…..


and then went to the grocery store to grab a few things for dinner and a salad for my lunch!IMG_5989

I worked through my lunch, did some scheduling, and started on this blog post!


And, then I ran by the store to pick up balloons and decorations for Jackson’s friend’s birthday.  The boys were planning on decorating his room, so I grabbed all their supplies before I picked up the kids from school!IMG_6011

After school was a blur of carting the kids around, homework, and dinner!   And, after dinner, we went to the School Open House…Luke’s self portrait was looking awesome! IMG_6013

After that, Rob took Luke to soccer practice while the girls came home and did showers and PJs!IMG_6014

I snuggled with this girl before bedtime…IMG_6021

and then worked on this post while Rob and I watched After the Rose.  PEOPLE, we need to discuss this by the way…..CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED?  OH MY STARS!!

Then, we went to bed a little after 10. Just a normal every day Tuesday over here!

Happy Wednesday, friends! I’ll see you back here tomorrow! XOXO N

Weekend Wrap Up

Hey, y’all!   I hope you had a great weekend!  This weekend was our last weekend without a ton on the calendar…and oh, how we enjoyed taking it easy over here!  These quiet days are my favorite day…it’s these in between moments that are always the sweetest. 🙂

On Friday, I finished up work on this sweet newborn set…


while I listened to this book.  Ladies, prepare to hear me gush about this book.  It’s a good one. 🙂img_5772

After school and work, we headed out for dinner with our crew and then off to Friday night practices.  🙂img_5790

Luke’s Saturday soccer games were cancelled, and Presley’s Spring season doesn’t start for a few weeks…so we had Saturday completely off.  It was amazing!  We went for a long walkimg_5817

and played outside all afternoon.  Before dinner, we did a little baking in the kitchen and had so much fun! (P.S we made this cake, and it smelled and tasted like HEAVEN!)img_5839

On Sunday morning, we went to church…and I totally forgot to snap a pic in this dress, but it really is the perfect Sunday or work dress….the cut is modest plus it’s super versatile!


I also picked up this top for Spring (you know I love a yellow ;)), and I can’t wait to bust it out soon!


On Sunday afternoon, we finally got to watch Luke play soccer (He’s been rained out for two weeks straight), and he had so much fun!


I also ordered this study for my quiet time and it should be here early this week.  One of my awesome readers recommended it to me, and it looks fabulous.   I can’t wait to get started on that!


I will keep you posted!

Also, we are having fun with our gratitude challenge over on Instagram….img_5763

I may decide to do some of the days over on my stories just to keep it fresh, but we will keep on going until the end of March!

Happy Monday, friends!  XOXO Narci

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Erika and Andrea!  I hope you are having a great week!   This week my favorites are short and sweet, so let’s get started!

First off, I popped into a boutique that’s close to us this week.  I know most of you aren’t local, but I popped in because they had the unfortunate luck of their boutique being completely flooded back in January and were reopening finally!


I wanted to pop in and show my support, and the store looked awesome!   Anyway, I bought a few tops while I was there!img_5695

I knew you guys would want to know how to buy them, but this store isn’t online and trying to find boutique clothes online is nearly impossible!   While I was searching, I randomly came across this really cool website Shoptiques  that features different items from Specialty boutiques across the country for purchase online.  How cool is that?  So, if you are looking for fun, interesting boutique items, this is an awesome resource!  All 3 of the brands that I bought are available on the website and you can shop them here: Everly Brand (black), Listicle Brand (stripe), Umgee Brand (pink). Isn’t that so nice?  So, if you prefer to shop online or don’t have a trendy boutique near you, you can shop at home.  I like that! If you are local, the name of the boutique is One Gal Clothing in Mckinney! 🙂

Also on my list of favorites?  Our church. 🙂 I am so thankful for the friendships and relationships that we have formed there!


This precious girl comes and gives me the best hugs and smiles every Sunday and it is so fun!  I asked her if we could be BFFs last week, and this was her response. 😉

While I was searching for another photo, I came across this throwback picture from Griffin’s one year photo shoot.  Oh my stars, isn’t she precious?  img_5597

Also, my favorite is that our sweet P is still loving Volleyball!


The girls played the winter tourney this weekend and pulled out a win!   Honestly, the win doesn’t mean much, but the positive attitude from these girls was so sweet to watch!img_5642

Also, quite a few of you have asked if Presley is still tumbling…and currently she’s taking a break to try out ballet.  img_5562She’s doing a tumbling clinic in a few weeks to keep her skills sharp though.  She’s not ready for the time commitment of a competitive squad or sure she wants to go that route, but she still definitely loves to tumble!

Happy Friday, friends!! Hope you have a great weekend!! XOXO N

Fun Thursdays: Mom Memes

This week, I am speaking to all of the mamas out there.  I think we all go through times when we are pretty sure we are doing everything all wrong as a mama.  Am I right?  These memes are straight from this mom’s heart to yours, because sometimes you just have to laugh about parenting instead of worrying too much.  Enjoy! 2dab1969373629a18dfa2db47b5480da



funny mom definition meme






Happy Thursday, friends!! I will see you here tomorrow for Friday Favorites! XO N