Grateful :)

Hey, y’all! I am so excited to share something  with you that is so very special to me! 🙂

Recently, I came across this Bible verse and challenged myself to find something that I was grateful (or thankful) for on a daily basis and record it during my prayer time. I tend to be a positive person in general, but this challenge really stretched me to find gratitude in all areas of my life….you know, if I didn’t want to be thankful for the same exact things every single day. ;). Can I share that viewing your life through a lens of gratitude is completely transforming?

Some of what I’ve recorded are the big, obvious things (family, health, security, etc)….and some so small that I might have otherwise missed them had I not been looking.  What a blessing this has been!

I thought it might be fun to extend this a bit… So, for each day in March, I will be sharing a photo over on Instagram of what I am grateful for!

People often ask why I choose to be so open with my Faith.  Mostly, it’s just a call to share my story with everyone around me….but, it also comes from of a deep gratitude for how God has completely transformed my heart since I chose to know and follow Him.   Finding gratitude in my every day life is just an extension of that and my heart, and I am so excited to share it with you. 🙂

Feel free to follow along with my Instagram posts… I’ll be posting every day from March 1-31st and using the hashtag #GLGratitudeProject2018. :). Easter is on April 1st this year, and I can’t think of a better way to prepare for it. 🙂

Happy Wednesday, friends! P.S. I am grateful for you!


Tuesday Talk

Hey, y’all! I hope you had an awesome President’s Day yesterday!!  It was so nice to take a day off and just enjoy our little family. Today, I am all rested up and linking up with the sweetest girls, Ashley and Erika, for their fun link-up “Tuesday Talk!”

Each month, we link up and discuss a different topic, and I love getting help and ideas from you all!

This month, I need your help!   Each of the kids got an Amazon Echo Dot for Valentine’s Day, and we are needing all your tips on how we should be using this. What are your tips and tricks for Alexa?  We need it all. 🙂


  I’ve heard she has a good sense of humor, and I love that!!  I am hoping that some of y’all have some fun or funny things that we can ask her?  Also, how do you, your kids, and your family use her?  Everyone I know loves Alexa,  so I am all ears and ready to learn.  So far, we’ve managed to set our morning alarms with her, and that has been so nice.

I am looking forward to hearing all your thoughts!   Leave your Alexa tips in the comments, and I will be sharing some of them on our Friday Favorites posts.   Also, tomorrow, I am sharing about something really special, so I can’t wait see you back here for that!   Happy Tuesday! XOXO Narci