Hey, y’all!! It’s time for carpool Book Club!  Woohoo!  Each month, I share the books that are on my nightstand!


These are the books that I read as a busy mama of 3!  I read during carpool, at soccer or cheer practice, or in my extra time after the kids go to bed.   Here we go!

Turning the Tables


So, I know this may sound crazy, but I REALLY liked this book!  It’s a memoir based on the year that she was in prison, and it was reall, really good!  Even though Teresa was in a minimum security prison, her description of prison life was super honest (and also a little terrifying.)   I really identified with her perspective as a mom, and I totally recommend this one if you need a good read!

Cancel the Weddings-l300

Okay, I just happened to read a bunch of great books this month, so you are going to see a common thread today….Shay recommended this one to us a few months back, and it was so good also!   I think it’s one of my favorite chick lit books ever!  The story line read like a good old fashioned romantic comedy (movie people, let’s make this happen!), and the characters were so likable!   I love it!


I told you that I read a ton of great books this month, and this one is totally included in my list!   I had never heard of this author before, but it was a really poignant and FUNNY memoir about her struggles with infertility and a premature baby.  You will really enjoy this one, too!

First Comes Love


And, finally, I read this one!   So, I am a big fan of Emily Giffin, but this one was just okay!  I enjoyed it, but I appreciated her other books much more!

What’s up Next

That’s what I read this month, but here’s what’s coming up next if you want to read along!

I just started these two books, and I will be sharing about them next month!



Make sure to share your book recommendations in the comments!   I love hearing your suggestions!  Happy Tuesday, y’all!! XOXO N

Let’s Talk

Hey, y’all!! Today, I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for their Let’s talk linkup!letstalk

This month, the topic is all about Entertainment!   I’ll be doing my book review later this week, so I’m sharing the shows we’re watching and what we are listening to!

This is us


Yes, ma’am! Have you seen this?  This just started on network TV, and I am LOVING it!!!   If you loved Parenthood, then you will love this too!  Check it out!



Rob and I are watching this one together!  It’s a series about 4 siblings and a secret/mystery unfolds.  It has just enough mystery and action for Rob, and I love all of the relationship dynamics!   Win-win!

Hamilton Soundtrack


I just picked up this Musical Soundtrack (I secretly love ALL MUSICALS!!), and it is so good!   If you love a good musical, you will love this soundtrack!!

Thank you so much for the linkup, girls!!  Happy Monday, y’all!! XOXO N

Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Erika and Andrea!!  Fall is officially here which means that the sunsets have been so pretty! There is just something perfect about a Fall sunset!


In the past eight days, we have been to 9 soccer and football games.    It has been so fun to see the boys really dig deep and work hard this season. Seeing them build strong character on the field is definitely my favorite.

So, if I haven’t been at the ball field, I’ve been workingimg_3559

(Cute siblings are definitely my favorite)

or reading my new favorite book!img_3512 The New Jersey housewives have always been my favorite ones to watch, but I am LOVING Teresa’s book as well!

Other than that, we’ve been attending fun birthday partiesimg_3448

and doing everyday normal stuff like waiting for the bus (which is not a favorite of Luke’s ;))img_3599

We even have been enjoying some homemade cupcakes from our precious neighbor girls!  Yummy!img_3510

These are the days!

P.S. Our giveaway for Smallwood Home was so fun!!!  The winner is MJ Heath!!

email me at graceandloveblogger@gmail.com for more information!

Happy Friday, y’all!  Don’t forget to link up below!  Have a great weekend! XOXO Narci

Thursday Fashion Picks

Hey, y’all!!   It’s Thursday, and today we are sharing our weekly fashion picks! Each week, I pull together what’s caught my eye in the fashion world!  If you are creative, I really need a good name for this feature!  Give me your ideas in the comments!🙂

First off, this military jacket is so cute!!   I have a hard time finding a jacket that isn’t too boxy and has pretty lines, but this one is precious!!    2856cc24700dea579764cb2a1ae2cd44_best

And, my favorite jeans in black!  I have these in white, and they fit so well!!


I love this darling leopard clutch!!ac723003d98875306d3c596ad005f290_best

and these Hunter rainboots are on sale!!   Perfect for the yucky weather coming up this Fall and Winter!


I love Leith, and this dress would be cute for the office or running errands!


I think it would be darling with this scarf


and converse for a sporty look!   So cute and perfect for Fall Saturday fun!


Also, I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!   I am hosting a Stella and Dot LAUNCH PARTY next week!  If you are local, you should definitely come!

We are going to have SO MUCH FUN! Come by to check out the line in person and place an order! I can’t wait to meet you! You can check out the Facebook event here or email me for more information!

Happy Thursday, y’all!!  See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!! XO Narci

Show and Tell!

Hey, y’all!  Today, we are linking up with Andrea for her super fun Show and Tell Tuesdays!  (But on Wednesday ;))  I am sorry that I was out yesterday!  I had a little stomach bug on Monday night, but I am feeling much better now!!


Twice a month, we share about a topic, and, today is all about our three favorite blog posts!🙂

Show and Tell Tuesday 2016

Can I tell you about how fun it was to browse through some of my older posts? My, oh my, how our babies have grown over the past few years.🙂

1. Trip to Magnolia and Waco, TX

Last Spring Break, we took a trip down to Waco, TX to visit Chip and Joanna…and it was so much fun!!  We had a blast and can’t wait to get back down there for another visit!


2. Pinspired: She’s out of your league!

A few years ago I was inspired by an adorable photo that I saw on Pinterest, and took our kiddos out to the Ballfields to recreate it!!   So fun!


3. Show and Tell Tuesday: Christmas Decorations!!

And, finally…last December, I linked up with a group of Bloggers to share our Christmas Decorations!  This was our very first Christmas in our current house, so I will always remember that time so fondly!🙂dsc_0849

Thank you so much for the link up Andrea!!  And, thank you friends for taking a trip down memory lane with me!  See you here tomorrow, y’all! XOXO Narci

Giveaway: Smallwood Home!!

Hey, friends!   I hope you had an amazing weekend!  Ours was busy and full of normal every day stuff, but I just had to share a verse of the praise song that we sang in church on Sunday morning.img_3515

Maybe you are like me and are constantly needing a little nudge in the right direction.   My prayer this week is that God would continue to teach my song to rise to Him.  We all are a work in progress, aren’t we?🙂


Anyhow…on to our Monday business!   Today, I am so super excited to introduce you to one of my very favorite brands!    Smallwood Home!


I have had the pleasure of knowing the gorgeous ladies behind this company for several years now! (Most of what you see Presley wearing is from  Smallwood Home.)  I love this company, because the designs are sweet and age appropriate.  And, she loves it because their fun and twirly.🙂


(Dress Here)

In addition to their adorable children’s and women’s clothing lines , they carry the most beautiful furniture and home goods line.  PS–I need this table in my kitchen right now.🙂


Also, Smallwood  makes my favorite Laundry detergent ever!   I wash all our sheets in this detergent, and it is like sleeping on a little bit of heaven!


They also carry a natural beauty line which I love!  This Dry Shampoo is the real deal!  Love!!


I am so thrilled to share that Smallwood Home contacted me to do 2 fun giveaways in the next few months!  The winner of our first giveaway will receive a pair of these CUTE lace up flats!  What a treat!!woven_-_ballet_flats_-_nude_004_1024x1024

Here’s their model wearing the flats and this shows the cute lace up detail! Talk about upping the cute factor in an outfit!

And, here I am wearing my pair to a birthday party last week! So cute! 

To enter: Just leave a comment below, and a winner will be randomly chosen and announced on our Friday Favorites!!    I can’t wait to see who our big winner is!! Happy Monday, Y’all!!

Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Erika and Andrea!!  This week has been super busy, but here are just a few of my favorites from this week!

Miss America Pageant

What is it about the Miss America pageant that just draws me in!


Did you girls tune in for the pageant?  The Tiara, the pretty dresses, the talent competition: I am a big fan!

Cancel the Wedding

I wrapped up this book, and it was so cute!! img_3370

I loved the story line and the characters read like a good old fashioned romantic comedy movie.   If you need something to read, I totally recommend it!

Scary Donuts

These popped up on my Facebook feed, and I think they would be so cute for Halloween morning!


Fall Sports

Watching the boys play this week has been such fun and definitely a favorite!


And, there’s something about those Fall Texas skies that make the games that much sweeter.🙂img_3374

Rachelle Chandelier Earrings

A few of you girls asked about these chandelier earrings, and you can find them here!  They are the Rachelle Chandelier earrings, and they are SO CUTE!!


Love!   My red dress is from this boutique in Oxford, but I wasn’t able to find it online!   :) img_3215

Happy Friday, y’all!! Don’t forget to add your link below! XOXO N

A few fun things for Thursday :)

Hey, y’all!!  Today, I am sharing my favorite fashion picks for the week!   I have Fall on my mind today!  First, we’ll start with this bag!  Isn’t it so pretty? :) d1bc22f8e64eff5cf0d12f75115e2a06_best

Also, I am loving this slim fit chambray top!   Perfect!7542e736998c9a930b376d6fb2a240c1_best

Also, I love this Fall plaid scarf!   So pretty and cozy!!


Also, these peep toe booties are darling!  Love!


And, finally, I love the Naked eye palette in the Fall!  It’s the perfect touch to make your eyes pop!


Here’s a little bonus item.  I’ve seen these shoes around lately, and I actually think they are really CUTE and funky.  They’d be a great option to wear with workout clothes when you are running errands around town!


Happy Thursday!  See you here tomorrow for Friday Favorites! XOXO N



Hey, y’all! Today, I am linking up with Shay and Erika for their super fun link-up: Stranded!

Stranded With

Each month, we share what 3 things we’d take with us to a deserted island, according to the monthly theme!   So far, we’ve talked beauty products, our favorite books, our favorite Netflix shows, our fave shoes, and  the 3 famous people that we’d want to be deserted with!

Today, we are sharing about the 3 movies that we’d take with us!  Here we go!

Steel Magnolias

So, honestly, I could watch this movie on repeat the whole time we are on our deserted island.


All of it: Shelby, her zany dad, her mama….In fact, I love this movie SO much that I named Jackson after a character in this movie!  I still ugly cry during the funeral each time I watch it, and Dolly Parton’s character is just precious!  This movie just makes my heart happy!

Father of the Bride

Yes ma’am!


I love this movie!  The family dynamics, Steve Martin, the dad playing basketball with his daughter.    In fact, I just ordered it on Amazon, so I could watch it whenever I want! I am thinking this will be perfect for our long days on the island.

Love Actually


This movie is one of my favorites to pull out during the Holidays!   I love the quirky humor and the silly story lines!   This movie will definitely keep us laughing as are struggling to do practical things like build shelter and find water!🙂

What a fun link up, girls!!  Thank you!  See you here tomorrow!!  XOXO Narci

Back to School Organization Tips


Hey ladies!!  Once a month, we discuss a relevant topic or fun product!  Last month, we discussed Young Living Oils…and today, we are discussing a question that I get a bunch…How do I keep myself and the kids organized during the school year?  I am definitely not perfect, but I am happy to share what works for our family!

So between the three kids, I get emails from 7 teachers, 1 football coach, 1 orchestra teacher, 2 soccer coaches, and 2 principals.  Somedays I feel like it is full time job corresponding with all of these awesome peeps!😉  So, here are my top 3 tips on how to keep it all straight!

Write it all down


I write everything down in my Erin Condren planner and on a calendar white board near our laundry room!  This helps keep everything organized!

The planner is mostly for my sanity, and the whiteboard is for the rest of the family so that they can see our month as well! Soccer games, football practices, birthday parties…it’s all there!

Create a separate email account for your kids’ teachers and coaches

This tip is golden!  Before I did this, the football coach’s emails were getting lost among the Gap ads and spam!   Now, I can easily find all of the emails that I need!


Also, I make sure to email the kids’ teachers first thing in the morning so that they have plenty of time to respond that day!

Prep it all the night before


Lunches, backpacks, and outfits…we prep it all the night before just so that there is very little to do during our morning routine!   This helps things run smoothly, and removes the stress from getting out the door!

What are your best back to school organization tips?  I love hearing all of your great ideas!  Sound off in the comments!  Happy Tuesday, y’all!! XOXO Narci