Taking Pictures on the Beach, More on Oreos, and Catching Bad Guys: Florida 2014

Every May, we take our 3 kiddos to the beach in Florida.  They have been going since they were teeny-tiny, so each of them feels right at home in the sand and water!  I am so happy to see my 3 beach babies having a great time in one of my favorite places!

I think Presley may have jumped over 8 million waves while we were there this year.  Girlfriend has some mad wave-jumping skills.


Luke doesn’t get in the ocean much, but he is SO happy to build the most elaborate sand castles.  Actually, this year he built a GIANT HOLE on the edge of the water (something about catching bad guys and sending them to China–I have no clue).  It was so big that random people were actually falling into the hole as they walked by.   So funny to watch, but we did make him fill it back in so no one was hurt. 😉


Jackson likes to boogie board, search for beach wildlife, and eat LOTS of fried shrimp. 🙂  I love a kid who takes food seriously on vacation!



Here I am with my sweet kids.  I love them SO much–they are my greatest blessings–SO THANKFUL!


When I posted these pics on Facebook, a lot of my friends asked about when/where to shoot on the beach, some helpful hints/pointers for their own beach trips this summer.  I am NOT a beach photographer (goodness, I only do it once a year for about 30 minutes–haha!) but here are a few tips on what has worked for me and what hasn’t. 🙂

1. This is the first year I’ve used backlighting at the beach, and I totally fell in love with it!  I have some fun ideas cooked up for next year’s visit using backlighting!  We went out about a half hour before the sunset.  We put our backs at a 45 degree angle to the sun–This prevented it from being super hazy which I am not a big fan of, but still some fun backlighting that made everything all glowy and pretty.


2. I like to shoot on a beach where the huge, mega hotels start to shade the beach before the sun completely sets.  This gives me some open shade for a short period of time and allows me  to face my kids toward the direction of the sun for more even lighting (and without the sun being in their face while I am doing it).

Like here–me and my sweet girl!  I am hoping to get a picture similar to this every summer and give them to her on her wedding day!



3.  I haven’t done this yet, but I have heard that the light is much more forgiving near sand dunes and on the beach access walkways.  I  think it would be so cute to see some little beach cuties sitting on those steps that lead down to the beach.  Maybe next year!

4.  When in doubt, action shot. Not only did the kids have fun getting their clothes wet, but if I hadn’t taken this shot, we would have never known that Presley is going to be an Olympic hurdler.  I mean, look at her!


Also, I know a bunch of people loved the Lemon Oreos–yesterday, we picked up a package of Fruit Punch Oreos and they were just delightful.


I mean, the kids talked me into buying them, because they looked awful to me…but I had to try one!  Next up are the Watermelon ones.  Summer 2014: the Summer of the Oreo!

Happy Wednesday!

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