All-Star Baseball Game

Last Wednesday, we celebrated Jackson’s Birthday.  This is what I love about preteen boys–having your birthday on a random Wednesday could be boring, but he had chocolate chip waffles for breakfast and played video games for most of the day.  That is heaven when you are turning 11!

We, also, had plans for a family dinner at his favorite restaurant and homemade chocolate cake with chocolate icing!  However, at 2 pm, we received an email that the All-Star game that had been scheduled for the following day was to be played THAT NIGHT (as in 4 hours).  So, we did a mad dash to get everything and everyone ready.

Jackson was pumped!  I am pretty sure that being surprised with playing in a big All-Star game on your birthday is equivalent to being drafted by MLB for this kid.  He could have floated over to ball diamond!

photo (17)

Of course, the entire crowd knew it was his birthday because I screamed “It’s your birthday, Jackson!” when he went up to bat for the first time.  haha.  He really appreciated that.  😉 The crowd was so super sweet and really cheered him on the entire game!  He got to be the starting pitcher, his team won the game, and they sang Happy Birthday to him after the big win! So sweet!

 So, we are not in Little League because we think we are building a professional athelete.   It’s because of the hard lessons you learn in teamwork, sportsmanship, mental toughness…and special moments like this.

AKA: “The best day EVER” 😉photo (18)

The game ended after 8 which is way too late to be taking Luke and Presley out to dinner.  So, Jackson and I had a date at PF Chang’s for his birthday dinner.  On a side note, we walked in around 8:45 and didn’t leave until 10.  Oh my word, I thought I was going to fall asleep at our table.  I am used to being in bed by then! Ha!

photo (19)

He had a great day!  We love you, Jackson!

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