Happy Monday!

This week, the boys will be attending VBS with friends–Presley isn’t old enough for this particular program which is fine with me, because that means GIRL TIME!   The boys are going to have so much fun!  Yay!

I can still remember dropping Jackson off for  VBS when Luke was just barely 3 years old and Presley was 18 months old. There were super long lines to check in!  Presley was a total Houdini and kept on escaping the double stroller and throwing herself on the floor in a crying mess.  Luke was much too laid-back for that, so he opted to throw his sippy cup at the poor mama in front of us.  When I took that away, he threw his sister’s cup, then his shoe, and then my phone.  Haha–good times!  I feel for all of the mamas out there with toddlers!   You are going to make it through this stage, I promise!  This is my favorite family picture from that time period, because it is SO TRUE.


It’s Monday, so I thought I’d share some more random fun things that I love!

  1. Our family has totally embraced the challenge to try all of the crazy Oreo flavors that are out this summer. We have seen the Watermelon Oreos before at Target, so we made sure to pick some up during our latest trip on Friday.  Overall, just okay.  The kids loved them though! My thoughts:  buy an actual Watermelon and some Lemon Oreos instead. 😉o-WATERMELON-OREO-570
  2. Have you been to Rugs USA?  I just discovered this website, and the rugs are so fun and inexpensive.  I just ordered this one for the kitchen nook, because–how fun is that??  The reviews are so great, and now I want to find one for the boys’ rooms and the playroom.  I love a good deal!200BIBL09B
  3. Last Sunday, one of my favorites, Shay, made these delicious Blackberry Lemon Cheesecake Bars and brought them to Sunday School….they were SO delicious that I had a “moment”…and I had to get up in the middle of the lesson for a 2nd piece.  They are THAT good!  You should totally make them!Blackberry Lemon Cheesecake Bars

                                  Happy Monday!!


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  1. So much to discuss!!!! I remember that pic of your family. I think we barely knew each other. SO cute!! I haven’t tried any fun Oreos, but apparently I need to try them ASAP! Sounds like lemon is the best?? That rug is adorable!!! And…sad I missed those bars!


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