Summer Reading List

I just love summer!  During the school year, I really don’t have time to read as much as I like–we stay super busy with school, sports, work, etc.  In the summer, though, there is just enough time to catch up on all of the books I’ve meant to read throughout the year! Yay!

I do love a thought provoking book, but sometimes I want to read something just for fun!  Emily Giffin always has a fun, little story line which is perfect for summer!  I haven’t read her new one yet!  Can’t wait for this!


I have heard such great things about “The Goldfinch”.  Plus, it just won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, so we can all pretend that we are super well-read after we read this one. 😉


Have you read “The Antelope in the Living Room?”  Listen, it is FUNNY!  Melanie is a great writer on her blog, so I expected it to be good.  However, I didn’t expect to actually laugh out loud consistently while reading it.  It’s a great book on marriage!  You will love it!


“Wonder” has been out for awhile now–Jackson, my 11-year old, read it last summer, and this summer I am borrowing his copy.  I love books that I can share with my kiddos!


What are you guys reading? I need more ideas!  Leave your Summer reading list in the comments!



  1. I just finished the One and Only. SO GOOD!!! I’m blogging about this soon too!! I finished the Divergent series. Have you read those? They’re great!! I’m adding the Gold one to my list!


  2. Just reading antelope in the living room. Love love love it. Feel like it was written about my marriage. Love your blog!!! Super cute family


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