What’s on my Menu and My Big Secret

Yay!  So many fun random things to share this week!  So, first, Andrea is doing her fun series: “What’s on…”  And, today is on “What’s on your MENU”

Whats On


Here is our menu for the week!

photo (1)

Each week, we write our menu on this chalkboard in our kitchen.  It is low where the kids can see it, and it so helpful with the constant “Mom, what’s for dinner” questions. 😉 Also, our verse of the week is written on the bottom! Also, obviously, I am a gourmet chef in the summertime.  😉 #sloppyjoes



At our girls’ book exchange with my Sunday School class, a few of us may have discussed our secret and closet obsession with Big Brother.  I mean,  it is awful, but so good. I, also, think it might be an acquired taste, because I usually get one of the following reactions when I bring it up:

  1. OMGOODNESS!  It is the best show ever!
  2. ::crickets::
  3. “Big What?”

Are you watching this season?  It looks like it is going to be super interesting with lots of very colorful houseguests! Who is your favorite?

Happy Tuesday!  XOXO Narci



  1. For some reason, my DVR has only taped the 2nd episode of each week, so I think I only have 2 of the six episodes so far this season…sigh. And girl, that chalkboard is so cute!! I love it!!


  2. Did you see that we’re having sloppy joes this week, too??? SO FUNNY!!! I’m a closet big brother fan as well – Devin is driving me NUTS, I’m loving the two kind of quirky girls and the surfer guy alliance and I’m hoping the guy with the pink hair gets evicted sooner rather than later. 🙂 We’ll have to discuss soon! 🙂


  3. I am loving your blog!! And I stole your chalkboard idea and oh my how nice is it to not hear 646 times a day “mom what’s for dinner” have a great weekend!!!!


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