Happy Wednesday!

This week has been so sweet and full of lots of easy fun! Our big boy is at camp this week.


So, we have been spending lots of time crafting…


Also, I am making progress on Goldfinch while the kids do a lot of this…


Just the perfect summer! Also, this was so funny to see at the Dermatologist’s office recently! Not only is he seeming SO BIG lately, but our little Luke-y is reading a Time magazine. I asked him what he was reading about, and he said “I have no clue.” Ha!


Also, This caught my attention today, and I thought it was worth sharing!


Today, we are going to swim with friends, and I have a new flavor of Oreos packed to taste test!


Clearly, the Oreo people have been listening to our feedback, because if Lemon can work… Why not Limeade? Ha! You are welcome, Nabisco!

Happy Wednesday!



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