Five on Friday

It’s Friday! Yay! This weekend, we have some home projects on our list as we prepare for our house to go on the market next week! Robert is having a garage sale, and he is easily the best garage salesman I have ever met in my 34 years on this Earth. I am always surprised by his yard sale prowess! He is a master at selling people things– that they don’t need–for 25 cents.  He missed his calling. You all should pull up a lawn chair and watch the magic happen! 😉

Anyhow, while I straighten my closets, here are 5 fun things from this week!!

1. We took a bag of these babies to a pool playdate at the Shulls, and they were a big hit!!  Think Key Lime Pie! delicious! 20140708-215946.jpg

2.  We had lunch at our favorite deli.  Oh my stars, I am going to miss that sweet boy when school starts!photo (29) 3.  We had a fun playdate with these sweet friends!       photo (27) The girls painted stained glass, tried on dress up clothes, and had so much fun! The boys built fun lego monsters, and there may have been a small nerf war as well!  Ha! photo (28)

4.  Luke lost his first tooth!  Look at how proud he is!! This means that the Tooth Fairy is back in business at our house!  photo (26)   5.  Also, isn’t this the cutest tunic for Presley?!  I am a sucker for black, pink, and white, and those tie straps get me every time!  Presley is a pink girl, so I will probably pair it with pink shorties!  So cute! il_570xN.625269872_321e   Happy Friday!! Have a great weekend, y’all!

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  1. I saw those oreos at the grocery store last night along with the lemon ones and I almost bought them but gosh the mint ones are just too delicious to pass up so I always go for them! Next time I am trying lemon!


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