Friday Favorites!

Yay! It’s Friday which means I am linking up with Erika and Andrea this week for our Friday Favorites!

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1. Prince George.

I am obsessed with the royal toddler. Look at him walk and his sweet profile! Kate and Wills, call me! Your baby is the cutest! 😉 #royalbabystalker


2. I found these signs on Etsy–aren’t they fun? I think they would be so cute for a master bedroom or an engagement/bridal session!


3. Being a mama to a blondie.

My hair has always been dark brown, so I am totally enjoying my little blonde bombshell. She is bubbly, bouncy, and everything pink, sparkly, and over the top! Chances are that her hair will darken as she gets older, but it seems like blondes really do have lots and lots of fun!


4. Keep Calm

We have a sign near our garage door that reads. “Keep Calm and Carry On”. There were days when leaving our house was a production. 3 small kids meant that someone was probably crying , someone was hungry for a snack, someone was asking 8 thousand questions, and we were probably running late. I put that sign up to remind myself that everything really was going to be okay and to push forward. Now, my kids can grab their own shoes and meet me at the door. Talk about a turn around! Anyhow, I was googling a picture of that sign to share with you, but I found some even better “Keep Calm” signs. ha!

I am totally a jammies all day kind of girl


Presley had to learn her love of glitter from someone 😉


Starbucks is always the answer. 😉


And, I may/may not use this strategy when I pass a policeman and am speeding. As soon as I see the police car, I am very suddenly having a very profound conversation with my children, thinking very pensively, or other important task. For some reason I feel by doing so, the policeman will instantly understand that I might have been going 5 (or 10) over because I was busy solving world hunger or molding my children–instead of singing really loudly to “Call Me, Maybe.” 😉


Long Live, Little Mermaid


And, Harry Potter 😉


And, you know you are totally going to be singing this song all day. 😉


I am also totally impressed that there is a line of bedding to go along with this current trend


And, it’s been a while since I pulled out my pearls, but Pearls are always a game changer.


Join us! I can’t wait to read about your Friday Favorites! Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Listen…I need all of those “keep calm” signs. If I’m in my house, my jammies are on…love that one especially! Happy Friday girl! See you this morning :).


  2. I just love the “Keep Calm” sayings, but I’m one of those who never “Keeps Calm” – you think that’s why they have those signs? :insert scrunchy face: Thanks for sharing your Friday Favs!!


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