Something for your Downton Abbey Soul

I can’t believe it! We have just under 4 weeks left of summer! All of a sudden, Fall seems so close, and we are gearing up for another school year. I am not ready to send the boys back yet!

We are still going to the pool. Although Presley prefers to eat her lunch and relax poolside instead of actually swim. 😉

photo (41)

We bought school shoes. Luke picked out shoes that look just like the ones from last year! I guess he knows what he likes! 😉

photo (39)

Jackson picked out this backpack, because he thought it looked “more mature”. Ha–Okay!! #preteenproblems

photo (45)

Presley and her babies 🙂

photo (40)

And, tasty snocones for a fun treat!

photo (44)

Also, this kid is registered for the youth group at our church! How on earth did that happen??

photo (42)

Also, do any of you LOVE Downton Abbey like I do? I ran across this book at Target when I was looking for a book for our girls’ book exchange! It is supposed to be very similar to Downton Abbey! Erika ended up with it, and I am super excited to read it once she is done! If you are a kindle person, it is only $2.99 on Amazon right now!


Also, if you buy American Heiress, this one is only $1.99–Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book, so I will definitely add this to my reading list as well!


Happy Wednesday! XOXO

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  1. I’ll have to add both of these books to my list! I love Jane Austen and I was just asking my mom the other day how long it would be until the next season of Downton. 🙂 I think it is my absolute favorite show right now. Thanks for sharing.


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