Pinspired: She’s out of your League

Today, I am linking up with the incredible ladies at Mix & Match Mama, Pinterest Told Me To, and The Larson Lingo for “Pin-spired”.

pinspired2 copy

I do love getting fashion inspiration from Pinterest, but this time I had something else in mind. 😉


(You can find the original picture here.  Shout out to this amazing photog for the super creative idea and for allowing us to piggyback on it)

 Isn’t this the cutest thing ever??  Also, can you imagine the amount of little league games that this mama has sat through in her time?  I know she is having so much fun with her precious baby girl!

Of course, with daddy and both boys being baseball players–we totally felt the need to recreate that shot. 🙂  Presley isn’t a newborn anymore, but I think I love it even more this way.  Ha!


We should all pray for Presley’s first boyfriend, yes?  Those boys are keeping a tight watch on their baby sister! Also, the other 9,999 shots looked something like this.  😉

photo (48)

I have been so thankful to take these kinds of shots with my kiddos–one of the most useful  things that I have done, in regards to my photography, was to really learn how to use my camera.  A lot of mamas have asked some great technical questions about using their camera over the years, and my answer is always to go and take an in-depth class from someone who knows their stuff! I took classes at the local community college, but that is a big commitment for mamas–we have so much to do already, right?   One of my sweet friends Amanda over at Gingersnap Photographs teaches these classes as well!  She is mama to 5 beautiful, red-headed girls and lives in my hometown.  One of her baby girls (Reese) was diagnosed with a brain tumor on Halloween of 2012–and she is a total champion fighter.  Her love for her girls is so amazing, and she is such a great photographer and teacher.  You will totally love her.

If you are interested in learning how to use your camera , Check her out!

Happy Monday!! XOXO N

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  1. How super cool to see that I inspired you!!! I am the photographer for the photo you posted “She’s out of your league”. I just love your take on the photo!!! And yes … my sweet friend Michelle has sat through a ga-zillion baseball games and now little sister gets to do the same! LOL Thanks again for lifting me up! I posted a blog on all the takes I have found! Thanks again! 🙂 – Eileen


  2. Aww! Those are my babies! And yes, you don’t EVEN want to know our baseball schedules!
    You did a great job with yours, and we also did this in black and white with her in color with her big red tutu. She’s 15 months old now and ready to play ball herself!! PS. The little boys are Major & Nolan and her name is Acelynn…would have been Ace if she was a boy. Can you say baseball obsessed?


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