Planning for Family Pictures: Fall Edition

Oh, gosh!  Other than Christmas, Summertime is probably my favorite time of the year because I get all of my babies home all day, every day.  The days tend to be a little lazier, we spend alot of time outside, and we are just less obligated…but Fall is coming, girls…AND, I am even thinking about what we will wear for our Fall family pictures this year!

Of course, I feel like I could  order almost anything for the kids, and they would be precious.  Finding something for mama is always harder, but look at how cute some of this stuff is!

Lots of great color, but not obnoxious!5d4820866bbbe2b462af0dbf1062d315

The red/navy combo is so pretty here!
07e51da1a72c27035f99d5b24f4fb2e5 I love this little blazer, scarf, and tee combo.  Mamas, we could totally pull this one off!

72f3715b9ef71e1e443322f5cf4af685 So fun and casual–I could totally see this outfit in the middle of a field or an urban area!00138bca3f9e35e0ada43afda5d4c462I have never been a cape person, but how cute is this together?  Maybe we should be cape people?? 😉

And, for the traditional girls, red, black and grey never goes out of style!  I love the pop of camel that warms it up!425f8b2d409fcd1c1361941d7fb255a4 Hello?  Why don’t I have pics of us snuggling in the back of a truck?  Side note:  Look at how cozy their outfits are?  Beautiful!! b6b3ed3eeefbd7a5284a560059fe696a

Okay, yes, judging by the uncomfortable angle of her head, she may be being strangled by her enormous scarf.  However, It is a classic color scheme,and I love everything about this outfit.  Scarf, Leather Jacket, white tee, black skinny jeans:  all of it.  Yum!ba4c2a35303805b82bd03e1eb48f760d

Another casual look and classic color scheme.  This would be so fun with some color added in via jewelry and other accessories.  e6540e38432bed1529b4d6da258ba0e4

Happy last weeks of summer, y’all! What are you wearing for your Fall family pictures this year? 🙂



I love to hear from you! Leave a comment here! :) XO Narci

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