Friday Favorites!

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Yay!! It’s Friday!!! I am so excited! Today, we are doing our super fun Friday Favorites Linkup with Andrea and Erika!! Thank you for all of your sweet comments about us moving–We will be staying in McKinney when we do find a home–just a different area, more than likely. And, we are staying with family while we find our next place. By the way, we are SO THANKFUL to have family who are willing to open their home to our crazy crew! We should all say a prayer for them! 😉

1. Berry Oreos

I haven’t forgotten about our summer-long quest to taste ALL of the Oreo flavors! While we were busy packing, we tried the Berry Oreos. If you are a fan of the Raspberry/Chocolate combo, you will love them! I thought they were so delicious that I hid them from my hubby. I mean, you know a cookie is good when you start hiding them from the rest of your family! #cookiehoarder


2. So, since we are looking at houses, I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest getting ideas for what we are looking for in a new home. I really want something with lots of character while still being functional. With 3 kids, this definitely means a mudroom–And, isn’t this one beautiful??



And, while I was on Pinterest, I saw this….


and this…..



4. Big Brother–


What the what???? Y’all –Are you watching? Did you watch last night? I totally did NOT see that coming! Poor Nicole has ALOT of work cut out for her if she wants to hang around, and I am afraid that Caleb needs to STOP WEARING DENIM OVERALLS or learn how to fasten both straps properly. Boy, you are not a 90’s rap thug. The End.

Happy Friday! Can’t wait to read about your favorites!! XOXO N



  1. Lol! I’m loving your comments about Caleb! You are SO right! I’m having a major issues with the womens winter scarf he keeps tying around his head…who told him that looks good?? 🙂


  2. Hey Narci, Those Oreos looks so yummy. I would hide them from my Hubby, too, probably ;)! And when we buy another house….the mudroom will be very important as well. That one in the photo looks PERFECT! By the way, I really loved the photo of your kids with the signs saying “She’s out of your league!” I would like to recreate that with my kids :)! Thanks for the link up party. God Bless!


  3. wow. I love your blog. 🙂 it’s very well done unlike some others that just try to sell you stuff you don’t need. your family photo is gorgeous too!


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