Back to Summer Fun


We are finally back in our summer groove!  On Monday, Luke went to visit his new school.  He was so nervous to begin with, but he was smiling, happy, and cracking jokes by the end of our visit.  In case you didn’t know, Luke is doing Kinder for a second year since he is a summer birthday.  We are so thankful to have listened to our gut and to have made this decision–His confidence has already shot up SO MUCH and he going to do great!!
photo (50)

Later that day, we handed over the keys to our old home and celebrated with slurpees.  At 9 pm.  #whynot

photo (51)

Also, Presley is totally her mama’s girl, and we share a love for all things Christmas!  She’s been reading this book every night before she goes to bed!  We can’t wait for Christmas at the Dreffs’ house!

photo (52)

On Tuesday, we registered Jackson, and somehow I managed to lock my keys in my car while it was parked in the driveway.  So, we spent the rest of the day swimming.

photo (53)

Tomorrow is swimming with friends and more of the same.  Just a few weeks left of summer fun!  We are going to miss it!  Happy Wednesday!

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  1. We forgot to discuss this key situation!!!! I did that one time and baby Ebby Lee was in there so the fire department came and got in!!!


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