Friday Favorites!!

It’s Friday which means we are hosting Friday Favorites with the incredible Andrea and Erika!!  yay!

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1.  Big Brother.


Listen, Christine.  I wanted to love you, but no one likes a girl who backstabs her best friend. Does she really think that any of those conniving boys will be taking her to the end?  WAKE UP, girlfriend!

Also,  I feel like I owe Caleb a huge apology.  Yes, I am still 100% against the overalls, but did y’all see him roll down/climb up the incline in the POV competition??  I am quite sure that EVEN WITH the rope, I would make it up the incline approximately 1 time.  Also, how exactly does one train to tuck and roll down a slippery incline without breaking all of your bones?? Nevermind, they probably cover that skill in my cardio class after I leave early for breakfast burritos in the cafe.  Anyway…Dear Caleb, you’ve got skillz.  Now please put a shirt on.  XOXO Narci

2. No more ponytails!

photo (54)

This summer I have been growing my hair out, but it was starting to look like a hot sweaty mess.  So, my awesome stylist did her magic! She wasn’t able to finish styling it because I was going to another appointment, but this is STILL probably the nicest that it will look until I go to see her next time.

3.  Friends who bring me Apple Pie

photo (56)

Last night, Erika brought me an Apple Pie for my birthday–how sweet is that?  We were supposed to have dinner with them, but a work conflict messed us up.  So, she up and delivered my favorite dessert.  People who bring you baked goods are the best kinds of friends.  Somebody embroider that on a pillow, because that is the gosh-darned truth. I love you, Erika!  Thank you!!

4.  SweetHoney Fall Photo Shoot


This is happening this weekend!  Presley and I are making the trip to Longview for a shoot with this precious company!  The preview shots of the new items are adorable!  We are going to have so much fun!!

Go ahead and share your favorites with us! Can’t wait to check them all out! Have a great weekend! XOXO Narci




  1. Eeeek! SH fall photo shoot- that’s awesome! Can’t wait to see the photos with Presley. 🙂

    Enjoy your special day with your new pretty hair.


  2. Thank you for the bb commentary! I love that you guys watch it!! Soooo true about Christine, ugh, bad move! Rachel Reilly was right about the girls this year! Where’s the girl power?! Happy birthday!!


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