Gearing up for Back to School :)

It is almost time for Back to school!  I am so sad to send my sweet boys back to school, but I know they both are going to have a wonderful time!!  This year, we decided to let Jackson get contacts before he starts Middle School.  He has been super motivated to make this change, and he handled those contacts like a boss. Man, he really is a big kid!

photo (66)

So fun to see his blue eyes at lunch!! photo (68)

After lunch, we registered Presley for preschool.  photo (67)

And, we spent 8 million dollars on sports equipment, gym clothes, and special required binders that are only sold on obscure internet websites.  Crazy!  I am pretty sure that I picked out new pencils and folders for Back-to-school when I was growing up! 😉

FYI.  Presley would ROCK Lacrosse.  I am totally keeping this in mind when she is a little older! ha!photo (69)

For now, she’s asked to play soccer…which should be super interesting since she doesn’t like to lose.    She will either be fabulous or want to quit after the first practice.  I’ll keep you posted!

photo (71)

After that, we reallllly needed to go grocery shopping.  Poor thing fell asleep in the shopping cart.  Bless her heart–what a busy day!   photo (70)

Happy Wednesday!



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