More on Monday: the Oreo you can’t live without.

Oh friends–our weekend was SO good. We spent time swimming, did simple things like laundry, and tried to get organized and ready for the school fun to begin! So thankful for a quiet weekend before the busy Fall!

Presley had her first soccer practice. I was with Luke at his school, but I hear she did great! 🙂

We stocked up on lunch supplies after church on Sunday 🙂

And, we finished big with our summer Oreo challenge. Friends, these Oreos are LIFE CHANGING. They are fudge covered, crunchy bits of heavenly goodness. Please do yourself a favor and try them. I love a classic Oreo, but these babies are crazy good. CRAZY GOOD! The majority in my house loved the mint–I think the coconut are delicious, as well!!


Happy Monday!!

2 thoughts on “More on Monday: the Oreo you can’t live without.

  1. You forgot to add that you did life changing research with your children involving all these fancy Oreos!!! I think I could totally get behind those coconut cookies!!


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