Favorite Things Party: Back to School Meals

Favorite Things PArty

Today, I am linking up with  Andrea and Erika for their the super fun Favorite Things Party!  I am sharing my favorite quick recipe that my kids actually eat (I have lots of other recipes that they won’t eat 😉 ).  Also, it is less than $10!

It is so simple, but it starts with this secret ingredient:


Girls, replace all of your chicken broth in your recipes with this.  It has such great flavor!

Anyhow, just boil these ingredients in chicken broth for about 20 minutes, and you are set.  Drain the broth, serve with a salad, and Enjoy.  In the winter, I serve as a soup by keeping the broth and adding Biscuits on the side.

1.  Buitoni Four Cheese Ravioli


2.  Box of frozen Spinach (you could half this for less Spinach)


Quick and easy, made in one pot, and your kids will love it!   My kind of crazy school schedule recipe! 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. You and my husband are the only two people I’ve ever heard of using that bouillon in a jar stuff! How funny! (I don’t cook so certainly don’t know how to use it 🙂 That dish sounds delish, I sent the link to this post to him 🙂


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