Back to School 2014

The boys had a great first day!  Luke is really enjoying his kindergarten class.  I almost melted into a puddle when he smiled at me as I left.


 Also, he started playing soccer.  He is having so much fun with that!!  I think the key to kids loving a sport is making them ask for months to sign up for it, before you actually manage to sign them up.  Ha!  He’s finally a soccer player, per his request!  My job is done! 😉

photo (72)

When did he get so independent?  I am so proud of that big boy–he has really taken to repeating kindergarten positively. We had a lot of people in education question our choice because he is just so sweet natured.  But seeing his great attitude toward school this year has made it all so worthwhile! Talk about a total 180 from last year when I had to force him to go and every day involved lots of tears!  Parents, don’t let other people question what you know to be best for your babies.  A mama’s instincts are worth their weight in gold. 🙂

And, middle school!! Jackson has been so brave as he starts middle school!  His first day was long, but he had a much better handle on things after day 2.


I am so proud of the way he goes after things in his life.  I hope he keeps that confidence and sense of adventure. We’ve always said that we have no expectations for what our kids do with their life…that is between God and them…but I have so enjoyed helping him find the right track for him.   Parenting babies is so sweet and fun, but watching your hard work start to pay off as they spread their wings is so, so good.  🙂

And, we can’t forget the baby.  Presley starts her last year of preK next week.  Girlfriend misses her brothers, and we are looking for ways to keep active without them around.  You forget how different the dynamic is with just one sweetie in tow.  We are finding ways to stay busy though.  😉


Haha!  Let’s see how the preteen years look when that little blondie comes up for her turn! 😉

Happy Wednesday! XOXO N

3 thoughts on “Back to School 2014

  1. OMG! That picture of Luke!!! I have a feeling that will make it onto his senior page in the yearbook 🙂 And YAY Jackson for surviving middle school. I know what a big transition it is and by next week he’ll think he runs the place 🙂


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