Presley starts Pre-K :)



 The baby of our family started PreK.  Sassy McFrass was ready.  Bless you, my sweet girl for being such an easy launch.  There were no tears


We were so pulled together that we even posed with the creepy stone children outside of the school. Normally, I’d be too busy dragging sobbing or nervous children up to the school to mess with such things.  The moral of the story is that after 3 kids attending preschool, I finally got it right the last year! Haha!  yay me!  😉


I have found that having a daughter is just so different than having boys.  There is nothing like being a mama to 2 loving boys—but girls are my wheelhouse (maybe because I am one 😉 ).  And, I find such reward in having the opportunity to nurture her to be strong but loving, feisty but gentle and kind, and always willing to go after her goals.


Today, it’s PreK, but tomorrow…who knows with that crazy, fun girl!  Happy Pre-K Divalicious!

Have a great day! 🙂 N

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