Ten Questions

Happy Monday!! Back to the grind, y’all!  


 And, I totally think that today merits an extra dose of your favorite caffeinated beverage.


What a weekend!  I am slowly getting caught up on everything that piled up during the move–it has been so good to cross some things off my list!  Jackson started baseball, and Luke and Presley played in their first soccer games this weekend.  Oh my goodness–having all 3 in a sport is an adventure for sure!!  What fun!


Luke was a little shy during his game, but I am guessing it won’t take too long for him to warm up!  

wpid-imagejpeg_0.jpg wpid-img_20140906_124331.jpg

And, Presley…oh my goodness….She ran all over the field like SHE WAS IN CHARGE, but we need to work on

1. kicking the ball in the direction of the correct goal


2. NOT CRYING and WANTING TO QUIT mid-game because when she realizes that her team is losing.  

Ha!  This will be so good for both of them!

Also, Jackson joined the middle school orchestra this week.  Evidently, clapping on beat is not a prerequisite for the 6th grade violin player (which is very convenient in this particular situation), but Jackson is so super smart and so motivated to play…SO, I am excited to see where this leads him!  Carnegie Hall, here we come!

Also, I saw this Blogger Q&A on another blog, and I thought it was super fun!

  1. Name:  Narci 
  2. Hometown: I grew up in Plano, TX (Go Wildcats!!), but we have lived in McKinney for the past 11 years
  3. College: Ole Miss 🙂 Hotty Toddy!  
  4. How did you meet your spouse.  How long have you been married?:  We met at a mutual friend’s party.  That night, Robert bet me a steak dinner on a football game (Cowboys vs. Lions).  Even thought the Cowboys were having a much better season than the unfortunate Lions, they managed to lose.  So, as it goes, I bought his dinner on our first real date.;) We were married in Vegas a year later by Merlin the Magician.  Yes, really.  The Magician wasn’t planned, but it turns out he officiates all of the weddings at the Excalibur. At least it wasn’t Elvis.  Good times! 😉 
  5. Favorite Color: Pink
  6. Favorite Food: A good medium-rare Filet Mignon. 🙂
  7. Favorite Book:  Pride and Prejudice
  8. Favorite Movie: Steel Magnolias–I just can’t help crying with Shelby’s mama after she passes away.  It gets me every time.
  9. Did you get in trouble in school?  I’ve always been a talker.  It turns out that teachers don’t appreciate side conversations in their classrooms 😉
  10. Weird fact? I have a CD named after me!  When I was in college, one of my old High School classmates started a band and used my name as their CD title.  Sadly, they never made it big, because that would have been way fun!  You can find the CD here. Darvish is my maiden name. 😉

Have a great weekend, y’all!



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