Yay!! Someone bust out the confetti!  It’s my first giveaway!  I know that everyone is gearing up for their Fall and Holiday Sessions, so we are going to need some canvases to display all of those precious shots of your babies!  Leave a comment on this post to win a FREE 16×20 Canvas!  So fun!! 


In the meantime, let’s talk about Fall Fashion!  This year, I am being really purposeful about trying to come up with a Fall “Mom” style!  Something that is pretty and stylish, but still comfortable and causal! Fashion-wise, I have always been a summer girl–I love the bright colors, the sundresses, etc… but this year I have a Fall plan!

I have been spending some time on Pinterest trying to find a look that works for my body type and introduces some fun color. And, listen, BRING ON THE LAYERS.  Boy, did I see some beautiful Fall looks!

I love this, and I think it would be so perfect for a date night–The necklace really breaks up the neckline and the heels give it a feminine touch!

Also, I am big fan of a vest!  Look at all of these cute options!!


The stripes, flannel, vest, and jewelry!  I am dying!  I could totally get into this look!

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I don’t usually do pencil skirts, but I am really loving the flattering cut of this skirt and the top.  Perfect for church!


Also, wouldn’t you love to run all of your mom errands in this cozy outfit?


I am so confused by the model’s expression in this outfit, but we could totally make this one work, girls!  I feel like this is one step above going out in our PJs!  Nice!


Also, I am seeing denim vests all over the place this Fall!! The textured shirt underneath is the perfect complement to the light denim and makes the outfit so interesting!  


Finally, I am loving the dress and the color scheme here!  So great as a transition into the colder months!!


What is your Fall  Mom Style?  I’d love to hear your Ideas!!  Also, Don’t forget to enter to win the 16×20 Canvas!  JUST COMMENT ON THIS POST TO ENTER!  Contest ends Sunday at 5 pm, and winner will be announced Monday morning!! Happy Wednesday! 


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