Weekend Recap and a WINNER!!

What a great response to our very first giveaway!  That was super fun–we will have to do that again REALLY soon!

The winner is Trisha M! Please email me at narcidphotography@gmail.com so I can get your canvas to you!  yay!!

What a great weekend!  Friday morning, we took this sweet boy to school!  Have I mentioned how great he is doing this year!  So proud of him!!


Then, we went to have my car repair estimated after my little “incident” last week. 😉  Presley performed a lovely rendition of Singing in the Rain approximately 458 times with her umbrella in the dealership driveway.


Then, we checked out some new books at the Library


She is so anxious to start reading–I really need to buckle down and teach her!  The boys weren’t really ready for that sort of thing before Kindergarten, but Presley is READY to be a reader.


Friday night, we had our regular pizza night and went to the local High School Football game.  We plan on going back next month when they play my high school Alma Mater!  I almost started to cry before the game.  Gosh, I love Texas Football.  Nothing quite like it!


It was chilly and rainy, but we had a great time!


The next morning, we woke up for soccer and put on lots of layers!  Brr!!


Luke is doing so well considering it is his 2nd game–I am really surprised by how advanced kids are at his age!  He is a little behind on all of that, but he is working hard!  I almost died when they put him in the goalie box!  Oh my word–see how he is wringing his hands??  My guess is that he was nervous as well!


I am so proud of him, because if someone told me that I had to play goalie…I’d probably crawl into the corner of the net and rock in the fetal position!  So much pressure!  He was so brave!

Presley…Oh, gosh.  That girl…she LOVES soccer!  Having two brothers…she has been training for on-field combat since birth.  😉


After soccer, we went out for burgers and hot cocoa and came home to make Pumpkin Bread.  Oh, I hope they always are this close!  They were pretending that the spice bottles were all a family here.  It turned out delicious!


Sunday morning was church!


And, working while we watched Miss America!


Speaking of Beauty Queens, here is the beautiful Senior that I worked on this week.  Isn’t she darling? She is just as sweet and beautiful on the inside as well.


Have a great week!  Happy Monday! XOXO N

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  1. Hi Narci. Photography question for you. What is your favorite, most used lens? I have been taking some classes but am mostly self taught. I have two boys and just had a little girl and am trying to get some good pics. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks so much.



    • Hi, Bethany!! A lot of photographers swear by their 50 mm for portraits, and I really love my 24-70 as well. Best of luck! XOXO N


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