A great recipe & the ice cream you can’t live without!

 Oh, girls!  These came yesterday!  I am loving them!


Bring on the Fall weather!  These will be so fun to style this Fall! 🙂

Also, all of our Fall activities are in full swing which means I have to be super creative with dinner time–I love easy dinners that my kids will love!  Last night, we had the best meal!!  We made Mix and Match Mama’s Green Chile Chicken Baked Tacos!  Totally delicious and easy!  🙂

Green Chile Chicken Baked Tacos

And, oh my word..Have you tried this Ice Cream? This is REALLY, REALLY Good!!  The perfect dessert after tacos!  Yum!


Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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  1. Um, first of all, I love those vests. LOVE THEM. Second of all, I am so glad you guys liked the tacos!! Woohoo!! And third, we have that ice cream in our freezer too! Isn’t it the best?!?! There is Eagle Brand Milk running through it…holy goodness!


    • Hi, Andrea! They are from J Crew. However, this morning, SHEAFFER highlighted an adorable and similar version at Pinterest Told me which is much less expensive and just as cute! Hope this helps! Xoxo


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