Weekend Update!

What a fun weekend!  On Friday, we went to the Balloon Fest!  Presley was looking super festive in her Matilda Jane and Boot Socks!


We picked up her boot socks at a local boutique, but you can also find them on the company’s website–Grace and Lace.  We totally fell IN LOVE with those sweet little socks!  Precious!


The wind conditions were not safe for the balloons to take off, but one brave balloon pilot did which was so sweet!


The kids loved waving at him as he flew over us!


Also, when did Presley turn 16? She wears my aviators better than I do!20140919_184118

It was so super hot, but the kiddos had a great time!  Luke liked dancing to the band. What a wild man! 😉


And, after dark, the balloons inflated and did their big “Balloon Glow”! 20140919_200617

On Saturday morning, we had soccer!  Presley was on fire–FIFA, here she comes!20140920_094336

And, Luke made such a BIG improvement this week!  I am so proud of him!!


On Sunday, we had church


And, Presley and I had a girls’ afternoon while the boys went on a quick scouting trip before Hunting season begins.


We traded my Galaxy back in for my old iPhone, because I was done not being able to text people.  I am sad to see that awesome camera phone go, but I am am hoping that the iPhone 6 plus will surprise me when my order comes later this Fall!  After 2 hours at the At&T store, we went to Chuck E Cheese (her request).  That place sure is lively on the weekends! 😉  She had a ton of fun!


Also, over at SweetHoney, they are selling their precious ruffle leggings TODAY at 11:30 am CST.  Head on over to their Facebook page for instructions on how to order!  They are the perfect layering piece! You won’t want to miss out on this or their ruffle tees this Wednesday!  Check them out! 


Have a great Monday!  XOXO N



  1. Loved this post!!! Love Presley’s boots and boot socks, you look adorable in the hat…I mean seriously we should see that look more, and I’m not sure WHAT the FIFA is, but I can’t wait to watch Presley be a part of it!! 🙂 The NFL for Soccer? No clue! hahaha! Can’t wait to see you today and catch up!!


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