Inside our uneventful life :)



When I started this blog this summer, my goal was to document all of the little moments that I might otherwise forget.  This has been so great for our family, because otherwise….

I probably would have never remembered how Presley lost her mind over the white pumpkins at the grocery store.  We had some on our front porch last year, but clearly, they didn’t make a very strong impression on her! 😉IMG_0470)

Also, I wouldn’t have remembered how Luke had a tough Monday at school


And, a giggle and a hug from his sister cheered him up!


Also, Presley “getting ready” for Jackson’s first Orchestra concert.  Oh my word.


 And, the way that he walked WAY ahead of me as we walked into his first concert.  Go ahead and spread your wings, son.  I can’t wait to watch you fly!


And, how I had a “moment” in Kroger over these.  I mean, maybe we didn’t need an Oreo Selfie, but Pumpkin Oreos are worth celebrating!


Also, I started this book for our Carpool Book Club this month!  I think it is going to be good!


 Don’t forget to head over to Andrea’s Matilda Jane show!  This dress is on the top of our shopping list!  Isn’t it beautiful?


Happy Wednesday! XOXO N

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  1. OOh!! How were the Oreos?? You should do a blog post listing/rating them all! That would be so informative!! 🙂


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