Friday Favorites: Counting on Hope

Happy Friday, friends!  It’s time for Friday Favorites with the beautiful Andrea and Erika!  yay!!

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 1.  Counting on Hope

Candace is the mama of a sweet boy that I worked with in the special needs classroom at  church–isn’t she so cute?  You would love her!  She is  mama to two darling boys, and raising awareness for Autism through her new Blog and Website–Counting on Hope!  Go check her out!!



2.  Date Night!

Last night, Rob and I snuck away for a little weeknight Date Night!  He was needing some new Fall threads, so we went to J. Crew, and we had SO much fun!  Mamas with small babies–I promise that being a couple becomes MUCH easier as your babies grow!  We laughed SO hard!!  Haha!

At first, Rob wasn’t digging my dressing room selfies.


He warmed up to them pretty quickly though!  😉


  At first, he was totally against the vest and this printed Oxford


But, he went home with both!  And, we will totally be twinkies this Fall, because I have the matching women’s vest!  #twinning  So fun!


I shopped for myself earlier in the day, but here is what I found 🙂






Also, speaking of vests, I totally nabbed this white one too from Etsy.  Won’t this be fun this Winter??


 Can’t wait to read about your Friday Favorites!  Join us!! XOXO  Have a great weekend!




  1. LOL!!!! I am dying over Rob’s selfies!!! Love that you’ll be matching this fall. And…I think when we look back on this fall/winter it should be referred to as “the year of the vest”!! Haha!!


  2. That second photo of your husband may be the funniest thing I’ve seen on a blog. Seriously. Bahaha! And, I’m swooning over the monogrammed vest because I’ve wanted one for awhile but I’m nervous that the actual vest wouldn’t fit…hummm. Looking forward to tomorrow!


    • Jen–once I get mine in the mail, you can try it on and see if it fits! I think we are probably the same size! 🙂 See you tomorrow! XOXO


  3. I love going clothes shopping with the hubby because he really does get quite silly in dressing rooms. At first, they are miserable and then they get all GQ!!


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