If I have learned anything in my short life….it is that things are going to happen.  And, sometimes….the “things” are something small…like a bad day…and sometimes, it is heartwrenching–the kind of struggle that my words are likely to fall short when describing.

And, so this brings me to my beautiful friend, Manda.  She is precious and kind, gentle…and, also fierce…2 weeks ago, her doctors diagnosed her with Cancer for the 3rd time.  She is an incredible mama to her sweet babies (ages 5 and 1).

If you knew her, you would love her.


Anyhow, I met Manda through these beautiful ladies.


 And, listen–these are 13 women who have each other’s backs (one isn’t pictured–she had pneumonia when we took these pics).  We love each other, we pray for each other, we cry for each other, we lovingly point each other to Him….I am so thankful for each and everyone of them!

So, after Manda’s diagnosis, she and I made plans for a family session…before her treatment was to begin.  And, we did just that.  Don’t you want to kiss both of her babies on the cheek?  They are so sweet!


Secretly, though, our 11 dearest friends met us as we finished up with her family session so we could SURPRISE her and snap this picture.


I am so thankful for the photographer (Emily) who came out and took this picture for us and encouraged us to do a few others as well.  We showed our big muscles, we prayed over her, and we laughed SO hard!


What was meant to bless only Manda…blessed us all…..because that it how awesome our God is.  I stand amazed by how he uses these circumstances to further our joy in Him.

Even so, Manda faces a battle.  And, Cancer means crazy medical bills, extra costs, and more.  Please consider donating to her family here.  All proceeds go directly to her family and their needs.


I encourage you to consider donating any amount that you can.   You won’t regret helping her sweet family through this heartache!  Also, if you’d like to stay updated on her progress and prayer needs, you can like her page here. 🙂

Yesterday in church, we sang this old hymn.  And, I’m not a singer…..but you put an old hymn on, throw in an organ for good measure…..and I get all evangelical…I start raisin my arms up high, and SANGIN’


There is so much truth wrapped up in that chorus.  I pray them over our precious Manda daily….that she might have peace, that her doctors might have wisdom, that he would use His miraculous healing hand to cure the cancer, and that it is all well with her soul.

photo 2 (1)

Happy Monday, friends!!  Thank you for your help! N

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8 replies

  1. I have enjoyed reading each one of y’alls blog posts….each one of you shared this beautiful story just a little differently but all equally full of love for Manda….she is one lucky girl to have such a support group! I will be praying for her as she starts her journey once again and I will praying that God leads each of you to provide for her just what she needs given your individual strengths.


    • Thanks so much for your sweet words! I am lucky to have Manda! She is such a special girl, and I am so thankful that beautiful ladies like you are taking time to pray for her! XOXO N


  2. Hi Narci: Beautiful blog posts – from all of you – about Manda. Sending prayers her way. Also, thank you for the reminder of the hymn “It is Well with My Soul”. There’s just something about those “good ole hymns” – this slammed me in the heart, and the phrase/tune stayed with me all day. I even played it on YouTube before bed Monday night.

    Have a good day!


    • Thank you, Laurie! I appreciate the prayers for Manda so much. I also love to listen to the hymn station on Pandora if you have that app! 🙂 xoxo


  3. Hi Narci, What sweet words for your beautiful friend Manda. I will be praying for her and all her family. I read all your blogs and I just love your genuine love for each other, I could only wish for that sort of friendship in my life. You are blessed to have one another, that’s for sure. Lots of love from Queensland, Australia. Sam xoxo


    • Sam, thank you so much for your prayers for Manda. I really appreciate it so very much! I can say with certainty that God led me to these beautiful girls when I kept my focus solely on Him…and, I am honored to serve and love them all. My prayer is for you to find a group of God-loving women as well–please feel free to email me at narcidphotography@gmail.com if you ever need to talk! XOXO N


      • Narci, Thank You!! At a time like this you shouldn’t be thinking of me at all. I think that just goes to show how lovely you are, all of you ladies. xo Ya know I think I would really like to reach out. I am new in my faith but I really do believe. I have questions for sure. I get so much from reading all of your blogs. You have all helped me want to live my life and to reach out to God. Sam 🙂


  4. Loved reading your post and seeing your beautiful pictures!! Manda is in my thoughts and prayers! She is lucky to have you girls as her cheerleaders!! Thank you all for sharing her story!!


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