10 questions & #MandaSTRONG Shirts!!!


I saw another cute questionnaire, so I thought I would take a stab at it!  

1. Name/Age/Sign: Narci, 35, Leo.

2.  Backstreet Boys or ‘N  Sync? ‘N Sync.  Justin Timberlake forever. XOXO J-Timb

3.  If I could change one thing about myself:  haha.  This is such a good question!  I tend to need my downtime since life can be so crazy between work and family so I get overwhelmed by emails/texts/phone calls when they start to pile up.  When do y’all answer all of these types of communication?  My system isn’t working!

4.  Rock or Rap? Rap, I can karaoke 80’s and 90’s rap songs like a BOSS.

5.  Favorite Item in your closet?  If I could, I’d wear my North Face Fleece every single day. 🙂

6.  Pet Peeve? People who park in the carpool lane. #parkinglotsaremadeforparking

7.  Bond or Bourne?  Totally, Bourne.

8.  Favorite Candy: Twizzlers and Chocolate covered raisins

9.  Most Embarassing Moment:   Listen, if you ever happen to be at the little league ballpark after dark….and you happen to see your hubby walking with your son to his car (because you drove separately)….for the love of all things good, please verify that he IS your husband before you slow your own vehicle to a cruise, roll down your window, and yell out “Hey, baby!”. This happened “to a friend” (and, by friend, I mean me) You are welcome!

10.  Pancakes or Waffles:  Pancakes 🙂

Also, I am so excited to announce that we will be selling T-Shirts to benefit Manda!  These Gray ones are available for Men and Women


And, the Navy ones are available in children’s sizes!


What a great way to love on Manda and show her your support!  You can order here!

Happy Wednesday!!


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