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Yay!!! It’s Friday!! Today, I am linking up with the beautiful Andrea and Erika for our Friday Favorites!

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Earlier this week, I read the sweetest post over at Kelly’s Korner about her sending her oldest to Kindergarten. Don’t you just love her, by the way? Anyway, it reminded me of an evening a few weeks ago with some of my best friends….and, I am always encouraged by this beautiful group of ladies. Many of them are just beginning the journey of having school-aged children, and, between listening to those ladies and reading Kelly’s great words, I had forgotten how HARD and SCARY it is to send your first baby off into the world!

Also, I do think it is so funny how things change as time goes on…When our oldest, Jackson, started Kindergarten, I did bizarre things like write notes to his teacher about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup in the classroom snacks. When Luke went to Kindergarten this year, I handed him a pop-tart in the car and said something to the effect of, “Luke, son, I love you. Now go and be a man and figure out where your class is, because your sister just unbuckled herself and is hanging from the handlebars in the 3rd row.”

Maybe I wasn’t really THAT harsh, but I had learned something really important as I had watched Jackson go through elementary school:

It is going to be OKAY.

(which is something that I have to remind myself of still as we navigate Middle School for the first time ;). Just last week, I found an entire plate of Fried Shrimp under his bed. I just have to laugh about that, right? 😉 )

Here is the thing…issues will come up: friends will hurt them, they may struggle academically… and you will find a way to navigate it all on a daily basis…There are so many beautiful learning moments where you get to say “Gosh, let’s talk about how we can grow from this.” And, after a long period of time you will find that all of those tiny moments have shaped their character…And, listen, sometimes it won’t be perfect or you will make mistakes, but we all are human and it happens. One of the prayers that I pray over my kids every morning is “Lord, please let your Grace cover for me when I mess up, because I am not a perfect parent.” In the end, God uses every single moment in your sweet baby’s life for His Glory. I find such peace in that!

Just for fun, for our Friday Favorites, I made a list of my top 3 FAVORITE “questionable” things that I did when my oldest went to Kindergarten. We made lots of good choices as well, but it is so fun to laugh about the silly ones! As far as I can tell, Jackson turned out okay in spite of all of this! haha!

1. That time that I panicked because he didn’t hold his pencil correctly. 😉

Haha! At his 5 year old well visit, his pediatrician mentioned that he held his pencil the wrong way. Convinced that this stood between him and real world success, we enrolled him in a handwriting class. (yes, really). Thankfully, we realized pretty quickly that we had lost our minds so he only went to a few classes. You’ll be glad to know that the situation corrected itself, and his handwriting is, currently, prettier than my own. 🙂

2. That time I made him a MAP

Y’all. I probably shouldn’t even admit this, but… when Jackson was in Kindergarten, I drew him a very detailed map of how to get back to his classroom from the bathroom. Really. I was so concerned that he would get lost on his way back from the bathroom! Oh, Lord have mercy. Aren’t we all surprised that Jackson turned out to be so well adjusted? Also, aren’t we surprised that Jackson’s kinder teacher was so sweet to me? haha!

3. That time I forgot to pick him up.

Yes, I did. I forgot my new kindergartner at school. Luke was a whopping 2 months old when Jackson started Kinder, and I fell asleep while Luke was napping (which also was school pickup time, coincidentally ;)). Haha. He still reminds me of this one. 😉

Kindergarten mamas, hopefully you won’t have any silly lists to share down the road!  And, I totally remember the feeling of navigating unchartered waters!  The good news is that it gets so much easier!  Experienced mamas, am I the only one? Please tell me someone else has forgotten their kiddo at school? ha!

Can’t wait to read about all of your favorites!! I hope you will join us!

XOXO Narci

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  1. God Bless Jackson’s kindergarten teacher! Seriously, find where she is right now, and buy her a Starbuck’s card! And the fact that you drew him a map is AWESOME. If I gave Carter a map the only thing he would think was that there was buried treasure somewhere. He would have NO idea how to follow it!


  2. I have yet to send my oldest off to kindergarten yet (next year will be preK) but I’m already thinking about it and I’m sure I will do some of the same types of things. Thanks for sharing and hosting the link-up!


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