Park Time and “Taking Notice”

Over the weekend, we ran non-stop plus I had quite a few sessions.  So, I made sure to take things a little slower on Monday.  We visited Jackson’s school! IMG_0901 IMG_0903

And, then we had lunch at the park in our neighborhood.  The weather was beautiful!



Behind the playground is a little trail through a wooded area.  So, we went for a little nature walk.  Presley loved checking out all of the bugs and leaves!! IMG_0917

And, this was the first time that Presley had ever seen crabapples.  She must have thrown 8,000.  Also, for someone so girly…she has quite the little arm!IMG_0920

What a perfect day with my sweet girl!  So thankful for these  days with her before she heads off to Kinder!


It  makes me think of this poem–being a parent is such a blessing.  There were days when my heart ached to be a mama, and I never want to take it for granted.


Happy Tuesday!!

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