What I wore Wednesday: Bootie Believer

For the most part, I have always been a tall, flat boot or ballet flats kind of girl.  Anything more than an occasional heel on a Sunday just seemed like too much work for a mama with 3 kids!  However, I HAVE been making an effort to be more intentional  with my Fall Style–and, investing in some fun booties fits the bill perfectly!

They are going to look great with all of the cute Fall staples I’ve nabbed so far, so I ordered a few pairs to spruce up my shoe collection!

With a heel like this, I probably will save these for church or nights out, but aren’t they delicious?  They are by Jessica Simpson, and I am totally impressed by her footwear!


And, also these!  JESSICA!  Look at how cute your bootie designs are?!?!?  I am a big fan now!  Go ahead and call me a Bootie Believer!


I’ve heard a ton of people rave about the TOMS booties, so I finally broke down!  I think the tassel is so fun!


Also, yesterday I went to Target to do my grocery shopping while Presley was in school.  Now, I used to do ALL of grocery shopping there, but I stopped for some reason…and, I couldn’t remember for the life of me…why I would do such a thing as STOP shopping at Target?  Target is so great, right?

Most of my other errands happened to be super close to Target.  So, after I finished running errands, I was feeling quite empowered by my new idea (Grocery Shopping at Target!  This will be so smart! Why should I drive across town to the actual GROCERY STORE?? )


Girls, this is why.  This is what 45 minutes of “grocery shopping” looks like without little hands or voices to distract you.

At least, I remembered the milk. 😉

Happy Wednesday!

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4 replies

  1. I hadn’t been to Target in ages, I went this week, and I left with lots of odds and ends for the home and very little food. Oh well, super happy with my new dish towels, paper towel holder, and candle. 🙂


  2. Love your “grocery shopping” at Target, LOL! I don’t go to Target much since I always come home with little knick-knacks that I don’t really need. And I always forget something when I go grocery shopping with the kids 😉


  3. I walked into Target today to look for a Halloween shirt for my daughter and some laundry detergent….I seriously bought 3 scarfs for me….and 2 for gifts! 3 of the scarfs were seriously marked down to $4.48…could not walk away


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