What I Wore Wednesday

We are moving our Carpool Book Club discussion to next Tuesday!  Since it is a new feature, I am tweaking it a little bit! So, on 11/4, we will be discussing both books and announcing the new book for November!  From then, we will discuss/announce on the first Tuesday of each month.  Also, from now on, we will only be reading one book per month to keep it easy!  Now, on to What I wore Wednesday!

Over Thanksgiving, we are going to visit Rob’s family in Michigan.  I am so excited!  Did you know that the average temperature in Hemlock, MI in late November is 43 degrees?  Since the high yesterday in Dallas was 78, you can guess that we may need to invest in a few cold weather pieces to keep us warm during our visit.  My boys really don’t wear much more than athletic clothes and Under Armour hoodies, so they are first on my Winter Essentials Shopping list!

Let’s take a moment for this jacket.  Isn’t is so cute?  The fur part is detachable, too, which I love.  I am not sure what my boys will think about the fur, but we will find out in about 5-7 business days!


Also, this jacket makes me want to go out to “the barn” and stack some hay.  haha. I mean–the mixed media/barn style is SO cute, but not too fussy which my boys will appreciate!

Mix-media sherpa puffer jacket - NEW NAVY

Also, there is nothing cuter than a boy in a cozy sweater.


I think this Oxford and some Navy cords would finish off the look!  Easy Peasy!

Oxford shirt - oxford blue

Original fit cords - navy

I am a sucker for a shawl neck sweater.  Usually, my boys tell me that it’s like they are suffocating to death when they wear one of these, but FASHION IS PAIN, boys!  Buck up and put that sweater on–you will look darling! 😉


And, the plaid is the perfect offset!  So fun with this and the red cords!

Plaid flannel shirt - blue plaid


I feel like everything is a little draftier up North, so cozy socks and hats are a must as well!

Marled cozy socks - NIGHT

Chunky marled beanie - navy

And, let’s all take a moment to love these shoes.



They are duck boots.  I suppose originally intentioned for the purposes of duck hunting.  But, the herringbone?  I can hardly stand the cuteness.   In fact, every boy in America needs these boots.  Really. 😉 #duckbootsforalltheboys

What else do we need for our trip–all of my Northern girls, I need your help!  It has been ages since we’ve visited in the Winter! I am sure that I am forgetting something!

Happy Wednesday! N

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9 replies

  1. GLOVES!!! Your hands will be freezing, right?! Not sure what you and P are taking but your boys are going to be handsome!!


  2. Lands end is our go-to for winter gear, especially for the kids. Their email discounts are frequent and handy. I buy the same black boots for all 3 and just hand them down. Don’t forget snow pants for playing in the snow. I realize it isn’t always as cute, but black pants are best because the sludge ruins lighter colors. (We grew up in WI/MI, have lived in Alaska and in Ukraine twice.)


  3. Fun post! I ditto the Lands End comment above. That is my favorite place for cold weather gear. Lucky for you, you won’t be here for parka season. For us, November is still pretty mild. 😄


  4. Layers!! It is definitely very cold up here in Michigan now and layers will do you good. Socks (sometimes 2 pairs help), gloves, something for the ears, good boots and a good coat will make a world of difference and actually allow you to enjoy the great outdoors!!


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