What I wore Wednesday

So, we are going to visit my husband’s family in Michigan this Thanksgiving!  Since we live in Texas and don’t have a need for such things, we have been freshening up our Winter wardrobe!  So far, I’ve shopped for the boys and myself, but Presley is going to be a little Popsicle during our trip if we don’t find her some warm layers!

Last week, I walked into Nordstrom on the first day of their 40% off sale, and a pair of these little Ugg boots were listed in just Presley’s size for 50% off.  There is plenty of room to grow for next year also!


Aren’t they precious?!  Such a good deal, and she will be wearing those to keep her warm, for sure!

Also, I just love my North Face jacket, so I made sure to pick one up for Presley!  I think this will be a great lightweight layer plus it is so soft and cute!_9353110

My super smart friend, Amber reminded me to grab some liners for our rain boots, and I had totally forgotten about that!


Shopping for a coat had to be my biggest struggle!   This Texas girl has NO IDEA how to shop for a legit coat that will keep us warm.  This is what I ordered!  I hope it works out!

Girls Long Hooded Toggle Jackets - INTO THE FUCHSIA POLY

And, my friends, somehow I managed to find some options that don’t include giant ruffles or ALL THE COLORS OF THE RAINBOW. I think that might be a first for Presley’s wardrobe! 😉

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I have reading your blog for a few months now. My husband is from Remus, MI, which is a very small town not too far from Hemlock. My husband is flying home tonight to do some hunting on the family farm. I will let you know how the weather is. My husband’s family is from the upper peninsula where right now they have 2 FEET of SNOW!!! I love that you are keeping your amazing sense of style while layering it on.

    It really is a small world. Have fun, dress warm, be safe.

    Prayers and blessings from the state of Washington! (We are not crazy, we high tailed it out of there also)


    • Hi, Leanne!! It is a small world, and I love that your hubby is from Remus! So fun! I bet that he loves going back to hunt! We normally make our trip in the summer, but we are trying it out for Thanksgiving this year. Brr!! Have an awesome day, and thank you so much fo the prayers and comment! I appreciate it so much! Xoxo narci


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