What I wore Wednesday: Comfy Sweaters

Well, we got our first taste of COLD weather here in Texas this week.  Temps were way below normal, and we did our best to stay warm!  brr!!!  I don’t know about you, but there is nothing that I love more than a cozy sweater on a cold day!  I was in Francesca’s the other day, and found these cute little sweaters.  I promise to take pictures of me wearing all of these cute things next time, but…honestly, after getting 3 kids out the door….I forget…and then I remember in random places like the bathroom at Hobby Lobby …and, that is just a little awkward!  haha!  I will have a better system soon.  Promise!

Anyhow.  Let’s talk about this sweater.


I wore it on Monday with a giant fur scarf, and Shay and Erika couldn’t even tell that I hadn’t washed my hair in 4 days while we were at Chickfila that morning. That’s because this sweater is so cozy and fabulous…you barely notice anything else.  In the dressing room, I tried it on with a black tank, leggings, and ugg boots–it was darling!  On Monday, I did a black tee, my vigoss skinny jeans, and my black Toms wedges.

This time, I remembered to take a picture in the parking lot before I wore it to a session.  This sweater is so comfy!  The model must be super tall, because I was able to wear this with leggings and boots without breaking Sheaffer’s leggings rules. 😉



 And, I didn’t grab this one, but I totally thought of all of my Aggie friends!  So cute, and super cozy for all of those cold football games!





And, here’s the deal…I may not be at the front of all of the fashion trends, but I am all in on a sweater that wraps me up like a blanket while I am carting kids to basketball practice or listening to my new violin player practice at private lessons.  😉 #blanketscarvesforever #comfysweatersforallthemamas

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Great sweater! The last Davenway sweater is to die for. I’m particular about what I wear and eat and seldom find a blogger that recommends things I like. But you do. I’ll definitely be back to see what else you find.


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