Trip to Michigan: Days 1-4

Thankful Graphic

Well, our giveaway is done, and we have a winner!! Congrats to Sheryl Peak!  Look for an email soon with details about your super awesome gift card!

We are having a great time in Michigan!  Normally, we visit in the summer and spend most of our time outside, so we are finding different ways to keep ourselves busy this year since it is rainy and chilly!  On Friday, we drove for 15 hours, and stopped in Indy.   I’m not usually a jumping on the bed kinda parent, but… if hotel beds aren’t made for jumping, then I don’t know what beds are…

So we had a hotel room jumping party. 😉


And, the next morning, we set off for Ann Arbor!  We surprised the kids with tickets to see Michigan play!



We didn’t spill the beans until we arrived in Ann Arbor.  It went something like: “Hey kids! Take your headphones off, and look out your right window!



 The boys were so super excited, but P was more interested in the leftover snow on the ground!


Before the game started. 🙂IMG_1220

The Big House is really impressive!  I’ve been to quite a few college football stadiums, but I really can appreciate a program like Michigan with a lot of tradition and passion behind it!


The kids with daddy before the gameIMG_1216

Just as the 4th quarter began, it started to rain.  Since we are Texans and big weather wussies, we left. 😉  We had so much fun!!


After the game, we drove to Rob’s family’s home!  And, on Sunday, we celebrated Presley’s birthday and Christmas with the Michigan crew.

IMG_1241 IMG_1258

On Monday, we visited the local children’s museum! I love this place, because it has so many cute interactive exhibits.  Plus, it is never crowded and is perfect for a rainy day!

IMG_1274 IMG_1276 IMG_1282

Presley was an EXCELLENT cow milker.  I mean LOOK AT how into it she was!  haha!  Who knows?  Maybe Farmer Presley is in our future? 😉


And, I remembered to take an outfit picture, but I am still working on my technique without looking like a weirdo in the middle of a children’s museum.


So, naturally, I grabbed a shot during our bathroom break.  And,  once I realized that you couldn’t see my boots…I did a little side kick for you!


so, there you go!  Someone teach me how to use the video camera on my phone, because I feel a tutorial coming on! “Bathroom selfies by Narci” Haha, I might need to work on my technique a little more, right?  😉

Luke was all over the museum, but I did manage to catch a quick picture of him gassing up a car.   I am loving having all of this extra time with him and his brother this week!


And, I had to leave a little note from us on the chalkboard at the Museum before we left.


Even with all of our fun, my favorite part of the week was receiving THIS news!


Our God is SO amazing, and I am so thankful for answered prayers. Time and again, God shows himself in what seems to be nearly impossible.  Our God is a miracle worker and a great healer!   Please continue to pray as Manda’s journey is not done yet, and she begins her next round of treatment next week.

Happy Tuesday! XOXO N



I love to hear from you! Leave a comment here! :) XO Narci

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