Weekend Wrap-up!

Well, we had a great trip!  I am so thankful to visit my husband’s family, and the kids did so well on the trip!  Yay!!

Rob’s family asked me to take pictures of the whole family and the grandkids together!  My sweet SIL grabbed a shot of my family for me, and I made sure to pull out my awesome fur vest for the occasion! 🙂


It was something like -26 degrees that morning, so I bribed my kids with candy to smile.  It worked!  They did great!


After pictures, we drove to Frankenmuth, MI–my favorite little town and did some quick shopping before lunch.


Isn’t it so cute???



After some shopping, we had lunch at our favorite pizza restaurant in Frankemuth–Tiffany’s!


And, we went to Bronner’s–the biggest Christmas store in the country!


IMG_1378 IMG_1373 IMG_1382

We let the kids pick out ornaments every year! They picked out some great ones this time around!


On Thanksgiving morning, we shared our Thanksgiving tradition of Blueberry Muffins with our Michigan Dreffs family!  I hope these cousins make muffins together with their babies someday!


And, on Friday morning, we packed up our car and started the drive to Texas!  Yeehaw!


About an hour into our drive, the DVD player broke.  So, I mapped out the closest Starbucks. 😉  I waited for 1.5 hours for that Skinny Peppermint Latte!  Also, we fixed the DVD player–thank goodness!


Because this trip fell during my busy time, I did alot of editing on our trip.  I love staring at sleepy, smiley newborn faces!  So cute!!


We stopped over in Marion, IL–I went to take a picture of the sweater I was wearing, and I caught one of my monkeys jumping on the bed.  😉


We drove the rest of the way Saturday, and were up bright and early for church Sunday morning.  One last Ole Miss selfie!  We love our Rebels!


After church on Sunday, Daddy played with the kids while I met up with 4 different families for sessions!  I just love seeing all of my new and returning clients–it totally made my day!  And, afterwards, Robert and I celebrated our anniversary at our favorite restaurant.  Honestly, I am a lucky girl, and I am proud to be his wife!  He had me laughing the whole way home from the restaurant, and we had a great time!


And, then we walked around Home Goods…and, if that isn’t married life after 14 years…then I don’t know what is. 😉


Make sure you hop on over to my Instagram today (@narcidphotography)! I am doing a Cyber Monday giveaway at 8 am CST! Happy Monday!  Have a great week! XOXO N



  1. Oh my gosh…I love Tiffany’s! They really do have the best pizza. My husband and I would go to Frankenmuth every year and get a new special ornament. Love that city. Next time you go, you have to go to the Frankenmuth Cheese Haus, Love IT!!

    Glad you enjoyed the “mitten”. Kind of ironic that a freezing state like Michigan is shaped like a warm fuzzy mitten. lol

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed the trip.
    The previous “yooper” — Leanne


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