Catch Up Thursday

Oh my goodness!  This week is flying by!  We are getting back in the swing of things here–Our first order was to stock up on groceries.  I had the best helper! 🙂IMG_1468

 My favorite chore: Laundry!  Thank heavens, I have awesome Christmas movies to make the time folding move a little quicker!  IMG_1509

This time I watched Elf–probably one of my favorite Christmas movies ever!

Also, Oh my word.


My Black Friday deals were all delivered on one day.  Can I just share that children’s toys are LARGE and require extra big packaging.

And, I finally looked through a couple of our shots from our shoot with the extended Dreffs family.


They did this one all on their own!  The smile on Jackson’s face is my favorite! 🙂

And, finally, we have been decking the halls!


Every year, we decorate a tree with all of their special Bronner and handmade ornaments!  They were so proud of how great their tree looked this year–there’s no way that I will go back and fix those bare spots!

Hope you are having an awesome week! XOXO N



  1. Such a great and special memory by allowing your kiddos to decorate the tree and leaving it just the way it is! That’s the meaning of Christmas. 🙂


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