Friday Favorites!

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Hey, girls!  It’s the weekend–We have a full weekend coming up, but first we get to celebrate the weekend with Friday Favorites! Woohoo!!  We are hosting with the fabulous Andrea and Erika.  Share your favorites and link up below!

1.  These UGGS

Listen, when Sheaffer tells me that I need cozy boots, I listen!


I mean, we’ve already discussed my love for Blanket Scarves and Cozy Sweaters, but…a boot that wraps your foot up in a soft sweater.  This is brilliant!  They are easily my favorite shoe right now!


I wore them on Wednesday, and they kept me warm and toasty while I ran errands.


 You can find them here!

2.  The beginning of An End of an Era.

Presley had her last preschool Christmas performance!  She was so excited, and did so great!  When she heads of to Kinder next August, I will have had kids at home with me for 12 years!  I would give anything for more crazy toddler and preschool years, but this girl is ready to fly….and I am so proud of her!


3.  It looks like we were robbed. 


I just love this, and isn’t it so true, my creative mamas? Sometimes being creative is all consuming!  haha!

Have a Happy Friday!  Don’t forget to post your favorites and link up.  I can’t wait to read through them all!! XOXO N



  1. Pinterest told me to buy those Minnetonka slippers and let me tell you …major comfort,,,I’m so glad she is around to tell all the ladies what to do!!! I would give anuthing to have a few more preschool years, so I feel your pain…and that quote,,,,love it. Happy Friday


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