Taking Notice

We are still waiting for them to break ground on the house!  And,  while I am so ANXIOUS and excited to be settled…certain things aren’t lost on me…about how much easier it is to take notice of all of the small things and special moments.  The things that might otherwise go unnoticed if we weren’t currently living on top of each other and in a tight temporary space.

Like this girl…She’s pretty much right here all day long…

We play Barbie, dress up, craft time, reading, and “tickle me” all day.  She is a busy girl, and she doesn’t like downtime or being by herself.  She’s just like her mama, so I am not going to complain! 🙂  Sometimes, we find puddles just because she loves nothing more than making a giant splash. I am so thankful for her fun personality!


And, did you know that this Fall marks 9 years since I accepted my first paid photography session?!  Wow!  I feel like I have seen it all during that time–some day, I’ll write a post about all of that…But, yes…I play with cute babies for a living.  😉

(I just snapped this pic with my iphone after I set her up this weekend. 🙂 )


And, this pretty much just sums up how I feel about my “art”.  It is so easy to have an inflated view of yourself and what you do as a photographer, but really I am just a girl with a camera who does it all for Him. 🙂


We also have been ramping up to Christmas with some of our favorite Christmas traditions–like the Christmas parade with these sweet girls!  We had so much fun!!


And, a special Christmas party with our Sunday School class!  I am so blessed by all of these ladies!


Hope you are having a great week!  Happy Tuesday!  XOXO N


    • Hi, Sherrie!! The vest is from Francesca’s and the booties are the Jessica Simpson “allest” booties. Thanks for asking! ❤️


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