Christmas Bucket List

Well, we have 8 days until Christmas–so exciting!  However, we still have a few things left to check off our Christmas Bucket List.  We are going to be busy at the Dreffs house!

1.  Last Minute Shopping and Wrapping –I just have a few small things left to buy and wrap!  Phew! 🙂


2.  Keeping up with our Devotionals

We have been doing this devotional as a family.

download (6)

My favorite part is listening to the kids answer the questions at the end of each lesson.   🙂

And, I have been reading this one as part of my quiet time. It is an interesting perspective on Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna!

download (7)

3.  Visiting the Dallas Arboretum

The Arboretum is doing their 12 days of Christmas, and it is breathtaking! Each of the “12 days” of Christmas is depicted in a glass gazebo. I went with a client last month, and I am bound and determined to take my kids as well!  So fun!


4.  Santa’s Village

Each year we spend a morning at Santa’s village and check out all of the cute houses that are on display.  Look at how little these 3 were!  Oh my word! 🙂


5.  Seeing our friends in the Nutcracker

Normally, we go to see the Nutcracker in Dallas, but this year two of our favorite friends, Kensington and Ebby Lee, are going to be in the Nutcracker!  So, we are going to go and cheer them on!  I can’t wait to see those cute girls on stage!!


6.  Annie Movie

So, this has nothing to do with Christmas, but P and I are going to see this movie on Saturday.  Give me a catchy soundtrack, some big choreography, and a happy ending…and, I am a happy girl.  Bring it on, Annie!


7.  Christmas Eve Cinnamon Rolls

This is probably my favorite tradition!  On  Christmas Eve we will wake up super to make these babies!

th (11)


And, after we are done, we deliver them to our very favorite friends.  We are so thankful for the people that we get to do life with!  And, if cinnamon rolls doesn’t show our love, then I don’t know what else could. 😉

Have a great day, y’all! XOXO N


  1. I think I have read about your cinnamon rolls on shays blog, they look delicious!!! What a sweet bunch of kids you have!! I have three as well and my son is six years older than my daughter then only two years between my next daughter. How much of an age gap between your son. I loved reading your post about picking him up from middle school and rocking out in the car and that he helps with Elf on the Shelf. What a great big brother. Love reading your blog!!


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