Merry Christmas Eve

Well, this year, we have the flu for Christmas.  Both boys were diagnosed yesterday, and Presley and I seem to be following suit.  Because I am a routine and “traditions” kind of girl, it’s easy to focus on mourning the loss of all of our special activities that fill Christmas Eve and Day.  But, instead, we are focusing on the good news.

The “Good News” is that we are still able to celebrate a baby that REALLY DID change everything for our family. A baby that grew into a man…a man who died on a cross so that we might have a relationship with God, his Father. And, if it hadn’t been for our relationship with God, we’d probably just be another casualty of a crazy Vegas wedding. Every good thing in our life is because of Him!

This year, we will be watching Christmas Eve services online (in our jammies and with a serving of Tamiflu) at .

You should join us–I promise you won’t regret it! Services will be shown today at 2, 3:30, 5, and 6:30!

Merry Christmas Eve from my family to yours!





  1. Merry Christmas and get well soon! We are in a similar situation…we are all healthy but the whole extended family is sick. So our big Christmas dinner and time with grandparents is postponed. But the bonus is that we will have a Christmas spent in pj’s all day!


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