Merry Christmas XOXO

This year, we didn’t really put much thought into Christmas Card pictures.  Odd for a photographer, maybe…but, I often get so busy working on everyone else’s photographs that I forget to take the time to schedule a session for my own family! 😉

So, when we did our Santa Minis, I started with my own kiddos for a a few minutes.  One of the kids was having an “it’s too EARLY” moment, but we got something that worked.  And, really that will have to do until next year!  Haha.


I knew that I had to do this shot with our Luke.


And, Presley was loving Santa.  Look at that smile!


Santa asked Jackson what he wanted for Christmas, and this is how J responded to start off with…


After some thought, Jackson told him he wanted a healthy and happy family.  I nearly fell down from shock and pride–look at what a great young man we are raising, right?  While I was busy basking in the glow of my parenting abilities, he said something to the effect of  “Just kidding, I really want an XBOX.”

Haha–That kid has one heck of a delivery.  (Bless his heart. 😉 ) Also, Lord please help us get though raising a strong and witty alpha male. hahaha. 😉

And, if you didn’t see it on Instagram, a quick family picture from our trip to Michigan.


Merry Christmas from the Dreffs family!



  1. Such great pics. Hang in there…it is only for a season and J will get it all figured out. I always tell people to enjoy the little kid probs when you still have some control…big kids issues have been more challenging than I ever dreamed


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