Christmas Wrap Up

I hope you have your coffee!  We had a busy few days, and I have ALOT to talk about today!

First, these two before we went to the gym last week.


They are best friends, for real.  They are only 16 months apart, and she follows anywhere he will lead. Luke may be our wild man, but he is good about taking care of his sister.  I predict that very few boyfriends will make it past Luke. 😉  Also, on this day, I was wearing my party workout pants.  🙂


I randomly found them at T.J. Maxx, and they spoke to me. After we went to the gym that morning, we went to our local Santa’s village.  The kids ran all over the place and had a great time!IMG_2122-0

Presley loved the stage.  She even put on a little ballet for me. 🙂IMG_2129-0


Sadly, the next morning Jackson woke up not feeling well.  Both boys tested positive for the flu, and P and I were feeling blah. So, we knew we’d be laying low for a while.

Even though I wasn’t feeling great, I made sure to have muffins for the kids on Christmas morning!  Gotta have something homemade and delicious for present opening!  We had some cozy and delicious stew for lunch, but I will share that recipe with you tomorrow!


We missed Christmas Eve church because we were still feeling blah and we didn’t want to spread our germs around.  However, my aunt was so sweet and told us to bring our flu and play some reindeer games at her house.  So glad that the kids were still able to have some fun that night!

IMG_2205 IMG_2230

Our elf, George, said his good-byes and brought new Christmas jammies while we were gone.


We took showers, read the last entry of our Christmas devotional, and took a quick pic by the tree.  🙂


Santa came the next morning.  And, the kids were pumped and feeling quite a bit better!

IMG_2246 IMG_2269 IMG_2288 IMG_2304 IMG_2293

By Friday, Presley and I were back to ourselves, so we FINALLY went to see Annie.  What a cute movie!  I think I could watch it at least a few more times!

IMG_2325 IMG_2317

And, then, we did a little shopping.  BTW, Presley has moved on to Valentine’s Day.  It’s her favorite holiday, so this is her moment. 😉


Then, we came home to start the dough for cinnamon rolls.  She kept on posing with her hand like this.  I am not sure what is going on, but I thought she was so cute!


The next morning, we finished the cinnamon rolls and delivered them to our precious friends.  We are so thankful for each and every one of them.


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  XOXO Narci




  1. I loved this wrap up!!! Presley is the sweetest. Love that her favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day!! sweet is Luke?! What a good big brother! And…the pic of all the kids on the floor after presents is greatness!!


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