Weekend Wrap-up

What a nice, relaxing weekend!  The weather has been cold and rainy so  it was nice to have some sunshine for a change!

But first, this.  IMG_2523

Girls, wasn’t it SO good?  The Dowager Countess is so quick witted, and I am not a big fan of the teacher that is causing problems for Tom!!  What did you think?

On Saturday, Presley and I ran errands at Target and a few other places.  The store was pretty empty…So when she asked to push the cart, I agreed.  She loved acting like a big girl!


She can’t quite see over the top, so she kept on crashing into things followed by “Don’t worry!  Don’t worry!  I’ve got it!”   Eventually, I took over the steering wheel.  She may need to be a tiny bit taller for all of that. 😉

We also went over to the Slaughter’s for dinner and games!  So much fun, but somehow I managed to forget to take any pictures!  Eek!

And, of course, our Sunday morning picture.


After church and some cleaning, we went to eat at Texas Roadhouse.  This girl was looking pretty precious in her earmuffs.  She wears them everywhere! 🙂


The reason we were out was to celebrate Jackson, who is rocking his crazy, hard GT classes with all A’s.  Moving has been such a GOOD thing for both of the boys and God’s blessings have been all over their schooling since we sold our house. I am so proud of Jackson’s hard work!  He says his motto is “Never be satisfied with average.”  I love the way his brain works. 🙂


Rob was at the Cowboys game, so P and I snapped a picture of the girls’ side of the table.  So fun!  Bread and Cinnamon Butter for everyone!


Hope you have a great Monday!  XOXO N

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4 replies

  1. Sounds like a great post-holiday, relaxing weekend! Congrats to Jackson on his grades. Moving can feel like such a risk, especially when it comes to a middle-schooler. We just moved last summer, and thankfully our 7th grade daughter is just thriving at her new school!


  2. Sounds like a fabuous weekend! Texas Roadhouse is my favorite (like, so much that that is what my friends give me for birthdays or holidays – gift cards to TR!). I love their fried pickles something fierce!
    PS – Glad to hear your son is rocking school! That is great!
    Darcy @ http://www.sexsoncharolais.com


  3. Happy New Year Dreffs! I love Texas Roadhouse – we have a few here in California! The steak kabobs are sooo good…they won’t tell me what’s in the marinade! 😦

    Happy Monday!


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