Weekend Wrap-Up :)

What a great weekend!  On Friday, I started off with three of my favorite things: a candle, colorful pens, and to-do lists!IMG_2615

Saturday morning, we went to Jackson’s basketball game.  I really love watching him in his element here.  He is such a feisty little player, and I am so proud of the way he applies himself on the court.  Basketball is such a fun sport to watch!  Also, I noticed that, this year, it is much more aggressive!  Lots of kids landing on that hard, gym floor!   I don’t know how they didn’t break all of their bones?  Oh, to be young again. 😉


After lunch, the boys loaded up my car for me, and I headed off to a family session and a first birthday session.


The next morning we played before Church.  Luke is so silly when I get the camera out.  Can you see him hiding in the stuffed animals? 🙂


And, on Sunday morning, I went to take our weekly picture, and I caught this.  The way Jackson is looking at this baby sister….


One of my prayers as a mama is that these 3 would always be tight…that they would always take care of each other-that they would help each other in their walks with God.  Because of that, my heart bursts into a million tiny pieces when I see them love on each other.  They all bring something so special to the table, and I can’t wait to watch them grow up together now that they are a little older! What a treat–I am so thankful for my babies! What a blessing! 🙂


Happy Monday!  XOXO N



  1. I have the same prayer for my growing family and hope to see them grow and stick together through life. Such an inspiration seeing your family photos!


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