Weekend wrap-up!

What a fun weekend! On Saturday morning, I had a super cute family session followed by a birthday party for Luke’s sweet friend, Aiden! Aren’t these two boys the cutest?


Rob took Luke to the party, and I took the other two to Jackson’s basketball game. He is such a fun player to watch. 🙂


Presley doesn’t appreciate 6th grade basketball so she played with my phone and made random spectators into Disney princesses. 😉


Afterwards, I had another session, so I picked up pizza on the way home. Perfect, laid back night!

Our Sunday morning picture….

For some reason, I was feeling light headed at church, so Rob made a quick trip to Whatburger for some breakfast tacos for me during down time. He really is the best. ❤️

And, after church, we drove down to Longview to shoot the adorable Spring line for the precious ladies at SweetHoney.


Y’all are going to love it!! Their new classic line is breathtaking and there were plenty of fun, colorful pieces as well!


And, after that fun, we had a little date night dinner. It has been so long since we’ve gotten away for a good bit, and we had such a great time!


Happy Monday, y’all!! Xoxo n


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