I was made to love Oreos

So, did everyone hear the news?  There are two new Oreo flavors coming out this winter, and I can’t wait to try them!!



And, I know that it is February and everyone is trying to eat healthy, but I am not going to lie–I just don’t do clean eating very well.

Exhibit A:


Yesterday, I left my exercise class early so Presley and I could have a nice little brunch.  And, listen–my group fitness instructor is fabulous, but I can only do so many jumping jacks before it makes me angry…there is something about jumping and pounding my feet into a floor repeatedly that invades my happy space. So, we eat breakfast burritos and pancakes instead.

And, while I am being honest…I may have bought these a few times already “because the kids like them in their lunches.” 😉


I have heard that they are, also, quite delicious after the kids go to bed.  A “friend” told me that.   Because I would never eat Little Debbies and watch Fixer Upper on a random Tuesday night. 😉

What are your favorite Guilty Pleasures?  Happy Thursday, y’all!

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    • Hey J! I seriously lucked out in the genetics department in this area. Trust me: there are lots of bad things about my genetics—like my leg hair is super dark, my skin breaks out when the wind blows, and my hair is too wavy to style bangs. Haha! Win some-lose some! 😉


  1. Does guacamole count??? I want guacamole on everything…. and then I want to eat the extra guacamole with a spoon. And THEN I want to go buy more guacamole. #ineedanintervention


    • guacamole always counts, Andrea. Also, guacamole is totally a health food in my book–goodness, it it chalk full of avocados, right? 😉 #guacamoleforpresident


  2. Ok, I was eating the Little Debbie Valentine cakes and watching Fixer Upper on Tuesday night too! And I had them tucked down in the chair so that if my girls came in they wouldn’t see them. And there may have been a glass of wine too 😉


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