What I Wore Wednesday

Hey, y’all!  Happy Wednesday!  Today, I am sharing a few things that I found this week!

When I went shopping, I was being super casual.  It was 70 degrees outside so it was the perfect opportunity to pair one of my more colorful scarves with a basic striped shirt! Plus, I had just wrapped up a newborn session, so comfort was key!


I totally fell in love with this at Altar’d State!  It’s not my normal style, but I think it would be so cute with leggings, a scarf, and some tall boots!  So fun!


And, I am starting to shop for summer!  The top of this dress makes me swoon!  Love!


And, this is the perfect summer bag!  Darling!IMG_3478

After I picked up the kids, I took the younger two to pick out Valentines.  While I was standing in Walmart, I was reflecting on how much this process has changed throughout the years. Back when Jackson was a baby, I followed a Martha Stewart tutorial to hand-stitch Valentines for his baby friends.


Like, for real.  These days, I can’t be bothered with all that.   Ha. 😉


Here is what I wrote on Instagram:

Once upon a time, there lived a mom with just one baby who HAND SEWED Valentines for her infant to give to his other baby friends. Then, 11 years later, she had 3 kids, and a business, and dinner to make….so she went to Walmart instead. THE END.

Have a great day! XOXO Narci



  1. I hope you bought that dress! It’s sooooooo cute on you! You need to wear it every day. Like literally every.single.day. If I looked that good in that dress, you better believe I’d go to the gym in it :). Loved it!


  2. That dress is SO darling and looks so great on you! Also, your Valentine story cracked me up, I have 2 kids and 3 diff Valentine parties this Friday at daycare and I was right there at Wal Mart last night picking up my boxes for $2.98….I don’t have time for that crafty stuff!


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