Friday Favorites!

Hey y’all!  It’s Friday!  I can’t believe that it’s the weekend already!  We are hosting Friday Favorites with Andrea and Erika!  Woohoo!FridayFavorites3_zpsea6fc451 (1)

1.  Being a mama.  

On Wednesday, we started an 11-week Beth Moore Study on David through our church.  I think it is going to be great!  After we finished with our first class, we went for a girls’ lunch and some craft shopping.  I just love this sweet, crafty girl!


Before we left for our study, she gave me the other half of her BFF necklace.  I, literally, almost fell over because I was so emotional–I am so thankful for each one of my sweet children.  They are such a gift–We struggled for 4 years to get pregnant in between our two boys…and, I will never take a moment for granted because of it!  It is no surprise to me that God knew exactly what He was doing when He gave me this little ball of sunshine!


2.  Spring Sports

Eek!  Baseball and soccer are starting to ramp up for the Spring!


Luke has the cutest soccer team, and I am so excited that they are playing together again this season!

3.  Valentine’s Menu 

Bleu Cheese Baked Steaks

I just love the delicious Valentine’s menu that Shay has put together for us!  She takes all the guesswork out of meal planning, and everything is always so delicious!

4.   Valentine’s Minis- Done and Done.

And, they turned out so great!

DSC_7983 DSC_8150 DSC_8467 DSC_9030 DSC_9076 DSC_9154 DSC_9338 DSC_9354 DSC_9365 DSC_9682

Check it out if you want to see more!

Don’t forget to post your favorites and link up–We would love to have you!

Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXO  N



I love to hear from you! Leave a comment here! :) XO Narci

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